Life in the Era of COVID-19: Perceiving the Impact
(July-September 2020)

Volume 1, Issue 3 of the Journal of Development Policy Review (JDPR) is titled Life in the Era of COVID-19: Perceiving the Impact. The issue is divided into the following sections: Insights, Policy Perspectives, Special Articles, and Young Voices. Articles in these sections cover the COVID-19 pandemic that has already posed and continues to pose innumerable and diverse challenges for policymakers and citizens across the globe.

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Journal of Development Policy Review (JDPR):
Volume 1, Issue 3 (July-September 2020)
Life in the Era of COVID-19: Perceiving the Impact


  • Triple Whammy for the Muslims: Poverty, Politics and the Pandemic
    Zakia Soman
  • Promoting Good Governance via Model Gaon concept: A Case study of Banda district
    Heera Lal
  • Small Jobs; Big Worries: Insecurities of Gig Work in the Time of Pandemic
    Babu P. Remesh, Tanya Chaudhary
  • Community-Managed Piped Water Supply: Issues and Challenges
    Amita Bhaduri

Policy Perspectives

  • Prospects and New Trends in Tourism in Post COVID Era and Strategic Policy Options for Sustainable Tourism in Sri Lanka
    D. M. M. I. Dissanayake

Special Articles

  • History Matters: A Comparative Exploration on the Spanish Flu and the COVID-19 in India
    Jenia Mukherjee
  • Pause, research, scrutinize, cogitate… but don’t destroy
    Iván G. Somlai

Young Voices

  • The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on LGBTQIA community of Northeast India
    Md. Farijuddin Khan
  • Surrender or Survival: COVID-19 and the Chhaus of Charida, West Bengal
    Archita Chatterjee