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Insights, a blog published by IMPRI.

Civil Society Steps Up

The country is filled with woes of COVID-19, along with that civil society stands holding the beacon of hope with citizen initiatives providing information, making resources available. It seems as though every citizen in the country has taken upon themselves to make up for the ineffectiveness of the Central Government in tackling the growing crisis due to Second Wave of COVID-19 in India. With the rising death toll and infection rates India seems to have plunged into a health crisis.

Victims must Heal!

The individual, social and the State forgets to heal. State response to emergency events (manmade and natural) looks at the relationship between the citizen and itself as contractual. The focus of the state is located in verification and compensation. Paramount importance is given to the non-tangible and subjective idea of national security surpassing the individual. This has become more so a reality today during the Pandemic than ever before.

The Empty Promise of Migrant Rental Housing

In March 2020, when India announced a lockdown to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus there was a jolt that reminded India how exclusionary urban planning and development had been. Millions of workers were left with no livelihood, no shelter, and no means of transportation. The Central Government had made promises for housing for all, but these affordable houses did not seem to have any impact.