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An Introduction to Health Economics and Management e1715951587616

An Introduction to Health Economics and Management

In the ninth session of the Fundamentals of Public Policy one-month certificate course, Professor Mukul Asher presented an introduction to Health Economics and Management. Prof Asher began his presentation by introducing healthcare as an important economic concept that examines and finds system based-solutions to make healthcare more accessible, equitable and affordable to all. He highlighted that healthcare is not a welfare scheme and that the government has to provide healthcare services to all using limited resources, thus making it a complex economic problem. He explained how healthcare is a managerial problem as well, since people, systems and resources have to be managed in an optimal way to maximize utility. 
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Science, Technology and Public Policy

On the 9th day of the one-month certificate course on Fundamentals of Public Policy, Former Ambassador, Dr.Bhaskar Balakrishnan presented a lecture on “Science, Technology and Public Policy”. Dr Balakrishnan began his lecture by introducing the idea of science as a basis of knowledge of nature.  He touched upon the importance of science and technology in the present world, its impact on society and economy, and the disruptive power it wields. He discussed how S&T is crucial for the development of several developing nations, by lowering the cost of development through the use of appropriate and efficient scientific interventions. He highlighted the role of S&T ecosystems in governmental offices, regulatory agencies, civil societies, business communities etc. 
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Qualitative Action Research Fieldwork Program- Cohort 2.0

The Generation Alpha Data Centre, at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, conducted Public Policy Qualitative Participatory Action Research Fieldwork Fellowship- Cohort 2.0. An Online National Winter School Program. A Four-Month Online Immersive Qualitative Participatory Action Research Fieldwork Certificate Fellowship from December 2023 – April 2024