Zubiya Moin

Zubiya Moin

Zubiya Moin is a Research intern at IMPRI. She is currently pursuing Bachelors in Economics (Hons.) at Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.

Pledge for May Day-2022

Pledge May Day

Amarjeet Kaur May Day reminds us of the history of the great sacrifices of the workers throughout the world in bringing to focus the extreme exploitation of the working class, that they were treated like animals, with no fixed working…

A south-centric approach to Internationalism

Internationalism south centric approach
While there is a need to revitalise the UN and the idea of a supranational body that can help focus global efforts to address issues impacting the whole planet, the concept of "decolonisation could be an idea that could give a new focus to the internationalism of the UN and all other supranational bodies.

The State of Congress Party- Don’t Blame Prashant Kishor

The state if Congress Party- Don't blame Prashant Kishor
Prashant Kishor is a modest man. He knows that only one man had ever come in as a total outsider and taken over the leadership of the Congress party, one Mohandas Karamchand. Kishor would not want the world to get the impression that he thinks PK is a close enough substitute for MK, the variation in the initials entirely justifiable on account of the passage of time.

Amway’s selling strategy – A pyramid scheme or a genuine one?

Amway sells its products by direct selling by its agents. The agents are recruited by agents recruited earlier. A slice of the income generated by each seller is paid to his or her recruiter. This gives every seller an incentive to hire ever more sellers and to encourage every new recruit to hire new recruits themselves. Sellers higher up on the hierarchy of recruitment receive a slice of the income generated by sellers down the hierarchy of recruitment. In this respect, it looks very similar to a pyramid scheme.