Cities in Transition

ISBN: 978-81-951187-5-5
Publishing Year: 2021
Published by: IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute
Subject: Urban Planning
Available as: E-Book

Cities in Transition - Tikender Singh Panwar

Cities in Transition is a compilation of constructive and critical reflections on the issues of urban planning, housing, gender, governance, climate change, and the economy in the 21st century, focusing on India. This work places an emphasis on the state of affairs particularly policies, schemes, and implementation on the ground, highlighting the impact and mapping the way forward towards a responsible, inclusive, and sustainable built environment and effective decentralised urban governance.

About the Author

Tikender Singh Panwar is Former Deputy Mayor, Shimla, and a Visiting Senior Fellow at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi.

Being the Deputy Mayor of Shimla, he was able to create a vision with a development plan that spoke about inclusive growth, greater planned social infrastructure, and making the city – as well as the citizens – resilient. A model for democratic decentralization was also developed by strengthening the ward sabhas and empowering the ward committees.

He was also a member of the National Task Force to review the 74th Constitutional Amendment which speaks about decentralized governance.

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1.1 Urban’ Vision in 2019 Manifestoes of Parties Leaves a Lot to be Desired

1.2 Where Are the Smart Cities, Mr Modi? 

1.3 Sad State of Affairs in Another Smart City: Patna 

1.4 Another Knee Jerk Reaction In The National Urban Policy Framework

1.5 Regularisation of Unauthorised Colonies is Good, But What About Slums?

1.6 World Cities Day: Can Technology Serve the Purpose? 

1.7 Water in Ration: Is This the Future of Our Cities? 

1.8 Innovative Solutions are Required for Mobility in a post-COVID-19 Age

1.9 Finance Commission Recommendations for Cities Extremely Paltry

1.10 COVID-19: What Will our Post-Pandemic Habitat be? 


2.1 How DDA has Failed Delhi’s Working Class 

2.2 Slum Dwellers Hold Massive March Against Eviction Notice in Bhubaneswar

2.3 Can We Build a Home for the Homeless? 

2.4 The US and India have another Commonality During COVID-19: Evicting Tenants

2.5 Blue Sky Is Not Roof Enough 

2.6 Pandemic Further Worsens Living Conditions in Urban India 


3.1 Ease of Living: Another Virtual Data-driven Matrix Far Away from Reality

3.2 The Systemic Failure of City Administrations 

3.3 The Unnecessary Jargon of the Ease of Living Index 

3.4 City Governance: 74th Constitutional Amendment is Virtually in ICU


4.1 How the State is Plundering People’s Spaces, in India and the World 4.2 Building New Kerala, Not Merely Restoring It 

4.3 Why Flooded Cities Are Becoming Common These Days 

4.4 Kerala Model of Internet of Things: Lesson for Other States 

4.5 Why Indian Cities Are Drifting Away from Sustainable Development Goals 4.6 Why are Smart Cities and Towns Becoming more Prone to Floods?


5.1 Busting Modi’s Claims of Development 

5.2 Is it the Beginning of the End for the Neo-Liberal Era? 

5.3 Budget 2021: Where Are the Smart Cities and Urban Employment Guarantee 5.4 Time to scrutinise public finances over security 

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