Report of the Endline Impact Evaluation of Seva and Global Sight Initiative’s Strengthening Capacity and Learning To Deliver Quality Eye Care (SCALE) Project (January – March 2020)

ISBN: 978-81-951260-2-6
Publishing Year: 2020
Published by: IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute
Subject: Health Care
Available as: E-Book

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About the Report:

Seva Foundation, a global non-profit eye care organization, established the Global Sight Initiative (GSI) to help end avoidable blindness. GSI, composed of more than 100 hospitals across 20 countries, promotes universal access to culturally appropriate, affordable, and high-quality eye care services. The purpose is to create self-sustaining, comprehensive eye care systems serving marginalized communities throughout the developing world.

In January 2016, Seva partnered with Seeing Is Believing (SiB) to support the Global Sight Initiative (GSI) intervention in India through the “SCALE: Strengthening Capacity and Learning to Effectively Deliver Quality Eye Care” (SCALE) project started in mid-2016. The project’s goal was to scale up comprehensive quality eye care services through capacity building, resulting in a direct increase in the restored sight of people. The SCALE project was completed in December 2019.

The purpose of this endline impact evaluation study was to review the performance of the SCALE program vis-à-vis its objectives by analyzing the program data as reported by hospitals and presenting the perceived impact and feedback from the data collected through structured questionnaires and consultations with the mentee and mentor hospitals, as well as highlighting the suggested improvements.

Analysis of the quantitative program data showed a remarkable performance for all objectives of the program, with inevitable scope for improvement. Feedback from hospital partners was promising, with all noting an inclination to recommend the SCALE program to other hospitals in need of support. Based upon the overall understanding and assessment of the SCALE program, some crucial suggestions and recommendations emerged for future action in the areas of data collection and reporting, capacity building, gender inclusion, mentoring and support, cross-learning, monitoring and evaluation, and research and development, among others.



Kuldeep Singh is Programs Manager (India & Bangladesh) at Seva Foundation, USA

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Heidi Chase is the Program Director at Seva Foundation, USA

Arjun Kumar edited

Arjun Kumar is the Director of IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi

Anshula Mehta IMPRI

Anshula Mehta is a Senior Assistant Director at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi

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