The State of Gender Equality: #GenderGaps


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there is sustained gender inequality both personally and professionally. There has been a sharp rise in gender-based violence within households, and an increase in the unpaid care work to be performed by women. This has limited the ability of women to carry out paid work with agility – whether remotely or at the place of work – and adversely impacted their wellbeing at large. Even before the pandemic, research had shown that progress towards gender equality had been slow across the world, and these extraordinary times have undoubtedly exacerbated these pre-existing gender disparities.

In this light, addressing issues of gender inequality, and recommending and implementing actionable solutions should assume increased importance. 


With the above background, the Gender Impact Studies Center (GISC) at IMPRI, along with GenDev Centre for Research and Innovation (GenDev CRI), and Delhi Post as Media Partner, has launched a discussion series called #GenderGaps to engage with experts on gender issues, through an intersectional lens.

The experts would share their insights on the challenges and way forward in achieving gender equality, based on their work, experience and research. The series would explore the role of governance, corporations, civil society, the populace and other actors in realising an equitable society.