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Generation Alpha Data Centre

Generation Alpha (born between 2010 and 2024), the cohort to succeed Gen Z (born between 1995 and 2009), is one to take life in an intensely dynamic world, where data is the next big resource, and digital technology is inextricable.

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Center for Work and Welfare at IMPRI aims to bring cutting-edge and innovative research on critical areas of welfare of human beings,

The IMPRI Center for Habitat, Urban and Regional Studies (CHURS) aims to offer periodic research feedback on monitoring, evaluation, and implementation of the ongoing schemes pertaining to sustainable habitat, human settlements, built environment, housing and infrastructural development and urban development, having knowledge of both emerging technologies and of social-engineering.

Gender Impact Studies Center (GISC) at IMPRI was set up to demonstrate the impact of research based on gender equity and equality and to distance itself from biases of the patriarchal prism of analysis. 

Aligned to the broader goals of IMPRI, CIRSS would provide a platform for exchange of perspectives and encourage the scholars and affiliates to delve on policy-relevant global challenges.

The work at CECCSD pivots around multidisciplinary research on the environment for sustainable development. It seeks to harness the food-water-energy nexus in environmental research for the well-being of the people at the grassroots and socio-economic development.

The Center would undertake studies and projects and curate programs to harness the enormous potential of ICT and its education to understand and assess the critical development challenges including food, water, healthcare, poverty, employment, etc.

We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and invite interested and like-minded institutions and researchers working on projects related to South Asia to partner with us to bolster creative and innovative research outputs for a peaceful South Asia.

CHDD exhorts every fellow human being to stand in solidarity with inclusive development so that no one is denied the skills and confidence to build a world strong and prosperous in harmonious diversity.

CSFE aims to emerge as a center for creative knowledge exchange and academic scholarship to provide policy support in areas of finance and economics.


At IMPRI, each Center is mandated with specific issues and areas of research. They are undertaken through Centers’ Flagship #WebPolicyTalks series and Projects