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Mr Rohit Mehta

Manager (IT & Digital)

Rohit Mehta is an Indian bloggerauthor and entrepreneur. He owns a tech blog named Digital Gabbar which is Available in English & Hindi. Rohit has been in the digital marketing and IT sector for over 10 years

Rohit Mehta (Blogger Mehta)

Successful people are always mum when asked about their secret methods. There are a handful of individuals that aim to help everyone achieve the same success as theirs. Mr. Rohit Mehta is one of those few individuals who are willing to educate the budding entrepreneurs and creators about the nuances of digital marketing. He started Digital Gabbar last year when the inception of the pandemic obliterated the careers of many individuals. Digital Gabbar has become a congregation of influencers and creators that regularly visit the platform to learn a new skill or two.

Mr. Rohit Mehta is a seasoned author and has published six books until now. These books are bilingual (Hindi and English) as these are the two most common languages spoken throughout the country.

He even has a Hindi version of Digital Gabbar so that users that are not proficient in English can still learn the caveats of digital marketing. The books contain an earnest overview with a detailed explanation of marketing strategies and how to mold them to your entrepreneurial needs.

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