Tikender Singh Panwar People 2023

Mr Tikender Singh Panwar

Visiting Senior Fellow

Tikender Singh Panwar was the directly elected deputy Mayor of Shimla city. The city has been able to create a vision with the development plan that speaks about inclusive growth, greater planned social infrastructure, and in making not just the city but the citizens resilient. Environment and ecology happens to be the major area of concern and it is because of this reason that the forest cover is being enhanced in the city with people’s participation. A model for democratic decentralisation is being developed by strengthening the ward sabhas and empowering the ward committees.
Mr Panwar was also a member of the national task force in the country to review the 74th constitutional which speaks about decentralized governance.
Apart from this Tikender has represented the city and the country on many international events. To name a few:
1. Was part of the delegation to South Africa for an Urban LED strategies event.
2. Was a member of the delegation to China to have a fellowship on urbanization for one month.
3. Was part of the team to represent the city in the world congress of resilient cities in Seoul.
4. Was part of the delegation to represent the city at the world cities resilient congress in Bonn Germany.
5. Was part of the delegation for COP 21 and speaker for cities in France on climate change talks.
6. Represented the city on a training program at Singapore NTU University.
7. Spoke at the BRICS conference in Moscow.
8. Was a speaker at the UN Habitat III conference in Quito.
9. Had a fellowship from the city of Leipzig on urban mobility.
10. Represented the city of Leon in France at the climate change conference.
11. Was a participant in the National Platform for disaster risk reduction under the Sendai conference.
12. Regular contributor to urban updates and other newspapers and magazines on urban issues.
13. Host/anchor a weekly show called ‘urban agenda’ on Swaraj Express
14. Advisor Samrudh Bharat a major think tank
15. Convenor All India Urban Forum
16. Trained in urbanization in CELAP Academy Shanghai , China

Research Areas 

Economy and Infrastructure, Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Governance and Law, International Relations and Strategic Studies, Livelihoods, Employment and Well-being, Urbanization, Habitat, Transportation and Regional Development



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