Riya Shah

Riya Shah

China & Pelosi in Taiwan

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Anil Trigunayat The visit of US Congress Chairperson Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan , even for 20 odd hours , was bound to create the controversy and conflict that the politicians and pedagogues often find useful in their quest for superiority…

Iran Nuclear Deal hangs by a thread

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Anil Trigunayat In any negotiation, both sides want to extract the maximum mileage until it becomes a zero-sum game. Face-saving and victory of sorts for all sides, at least a perceived one, is often the outcome. In addition, those third…

Beijing’s growing belligerence is a warning

Harsh V Pant As Chinese missiles and bombers crisscross the Taiwan Straits, the Ukraine conflict seems to have taken a backseat. The world is riveted by what is happening in the waters surrounding Taiwan and is trying to comprehend the…