Diplomacy and Foreign Policy- Cohort 3.0 | Theme: Towards Viksit Bharat India@2047

Diplomacy and Foreign Policy- Cohort 3.0 | Theme: Towards Viksit Bharat India@2047

Diplomacy and Foreign Policy- Cohort 3.0 | Theme: Towards Viksit Bharat India@2047

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Diplomacy and Foreign PolicyCohort 3.0 | Theme: Towards Viksit Bharat India@2047 | An Online International Winter School Program | A One-Month Immersive Online Certificate Training Course | November 2024 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning 

IMPRI Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invites you to #WebPolicyLearning

An Online International Winter School Program

A One-Month Immersive Online Certificate Training Course on

Diplomacy and Foreign Policy- Cohort 3.0 | Theme: Towards Viksit Bharat India@2047

Details of the #WebPolicyLearning:
Dates: 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 November 2024
Four Consecutive Wednesday & Thursday Evenings
Time: 6 – 8 p.m. IST
Platform: Zoom

Course Fee: Professionals: INR 15000 | Students: INR 12000 (inclusive of GST)
Early Bird Discounted Fee (till Oct 6)Professionals: INR 12000 | Students: INR 9600
Special 20 percent discount for IMPRI Alumni.
Bulk Discounts can be availed for groups of more than 5 participants.
Limited Seats are available for partial scholarships. Write to learningatimpri@gmail.com

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/yoszysvAP6VGMRS88

Payment Link: https://pages.razorpay.com/impricoursefee

Alternatively, you can use any payment method from here:

NOTE: Please don’t proceed to pay without filling out the registration form given above.
For queries, write to: learningatimpri@gmail.com


Welcome to the third cohort of “Diplomacy & Foreign Policy- Cohort 3.0”, a program meticulously organized by IMPRI’s Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS). This edition promises a captivating journey into the nuanced realm of international relations, diplomatic strategies, and the ever-evolving global landscape. Drawing from the successes of previous cohorts, Cohort 3.0 offers an enriching experience that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with insightful perspectives, empowering participants with the acumen to navigate the complexities of 21st-century diplomacy.

Central to the essence of Cohort 3.0 is the commitment to fostering a vibrant community of learners with a shared passion for comprehending and influencing the global milieu. Crafted by seasoned experts, scholars, and practitioners, the curriculum facilitates engaging discussions and explorations of real-world scenarios, providing a comprehensive understanding of diplomatic challenges and opportunities. Whether you bring years of diplomatic experience, aspire to analyze foreign policy, or seek to broaden your professional horizons, this course provides a platform for intellectual growth and networking.

As a participant in Cohort 3.0, you will engage with a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, contributing to a mosaic of perspectives and ideas. Our goal is not only to convey knowledge but also to nurture a global mindset that values collaboration, cultural understanding, and effective communication. Join us in unraveling the intricate facets of diplomacy and foreign policy, as we endeavor to empower the next generation of leaders poised to influence international relations. Step into an enriching learning experience that transcends conventional boundaries, preparing you for the challenges and opportunities inherent in our interconnected world. Welcome to a transformative journey that will shape your understanding of global dynamics.

For Whom

  • International relations students: Students pursuing degrees in international relations, political science, or related fields can gain valuable insights into the principles and practices of diplomacy.
  • Business executives and entrepreneurs: In an increasingly globalized world, business leaders often engage in international negotiations and partnerships. A diplomacy course can help them understand cultural differences, negotiation strategies, and effective communication in international settings.
  • NGO and non-profit organization staff: Professionals working for international non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations may find the course useful in managing relationships with foreign governments, donors, and partner organizations.
  • Journalists and media personnel: Journalists covering international affairs can benefit from understanding diplomatic processes and the complexities of international negotiations.
  • Scholars and researchers: Academics and researchers focusing on international relations, political science, or diplomacy can gain valuable insights and methodologies from the course.
  • Anyone interested in global affairs: Even individuals without specific professional interests in diplomacy can find the course fascinating if they are interested in global affairs and understanding how countries interact on the international stage.

Benefits of taking the Course

This course can offer numerous benefits to individuals, both professionally and personally. Here are some of the key advantages of enrolling in this course:

  1. Improved communication skills: Diplomacy emphasizes effective communication, negotiation, and persuasion techniques. Participants in this course can enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, allowing them to navigate challenging situations with tact and diplomacy.
  2. Conflict resolution abilities: It implicitly covers conflict resolution strategies, helping individuals develop the skills to manage and resolve disputes peacefully. These skills are valuable in various contexts, from international negotiations to resolving conflicts in the workplace or personal life.
  3. Cultural understanding and sensitivity: Diplomacy involves interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Through a diplomacy course, participants gain a better understanding of cultural nuances and differences, which fosters cultural sensitivity and appreciation.
  4. Negotiation expertise: Diplomacy is closely linked to negotiation, and a diplomacy course equips individuals with essential negotiation skills. These skills are valuable in various settings, such as business negotiations, political agreements, and international treaties.
  5. International relations knowledge: Participants gain insights into the dynamics of international relations, learning about the roles of different countries, international organizations, and how global issues are addressed through diplomatic channels.
  6. Networking opportunities: It brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions. This presents an excellent networking opportunity, allowing participants to build connections with like-minded individuals, potential collaborators, and professionals from various fields.
  7. Career advancement: For those pursuing careers in diplomacy, international relations, politics, or related fields, this course can significantly enhance their resume and increase their employability. It demonstrates a commitment to professional development and a deep interest in global affairs.
  8. Enhanced problem-solving skills: Diplomacy involves navigating complex and challenging problems. By taking this course, individuals learn how to analyze situations critically and develop innovative and pragmatic solutions.
  9. Personal growth: Diplomacy often encourage self-awareness and self-improvement. Participants may develop greater emotional intelligence, empathy, and adaptability, leading to personal growth and a more comprehensive perspective on global issues.
  10. Global perspective: This course exposes individuals to diverse viewpoints, global challenges, and the interconnectedness of the world. This broader perspective enables participants to make informed decisions and engage thoughtfully in discussions about global affairs.

Overall, this course at IMPRI tries to equip individuals with valuable skills and knowledge that are applicable in various professional and personal contexts. Whether one aims to pursue a career in international relations or simply wishes to improve their communication and negotiation abilities, a diplomacy course can be a rewarding and enriching experience.

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06/11/2024 @ 06:00 PM to
28/11/2024 @ 08:00 PM


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