Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region
Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region
Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region
Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region

Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region

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Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region | An Online International Workshop Program | A Two-Day Immersive Online Discussion Workshop | September 2023 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning

#IMPRI Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invite you to

An Online International Workshop Program

A Two-Day Immersive Online Discussion Workshop

Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region

and a Book Release on

Advocating a Feminist Foreign Policy for India

Published by IMPRI Books
Authors: Simi Mehta, Vibhuti Patel and Satyam Tripathi
Price: Free | Grab your copy now!
E-Book Link: https://books.impriindia.com/product/advocating-a-feminist-foreign-policy-for-india/

Details of the #WebPolicyLearning:
Dates: September 19 & 20, 2023
Time: 4 – 6 p.m. IST
Platform:  Zoom | Live at YouTube.com/@impriindia | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Registration Fee: FREE
Zoom Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5WsFe9ycTouugVagU2-yOw


Feminist Foreign Policy, relegated to the margins for decades, is slowly gaining much-deserved recognition as a result of the efforts of peacemaking, peacebuilding and peacekeeping by transnational feminist solidarity. A feminist foreign policy provides a powerful lens through which we can counter the violent global systems of power, i.e., patriarchy, racism, cultural nationalism, imperialism, and militarism, that leave the majority of the population in perpetual states of vulnerability and despair. It puts promoting gender equality and women’s rights at the centre of a nation’s diplomatic agenda.

According to the International Center for Research on Women, feminist foreign policy is the policy of a state that defines its interactions with other states and movements in a manner that prioritizes gender equality and enshrines the human rights of women and other historically marginalised groups, allocates significant resources to achieve that vision and seeks through its implementation to disrupt patriarchal and male-dominated power structures across all of its levers of influence (aid, trade, defence and diplomacy), informed by the voices of feminist activists, groups and movements.

In the post colonial context, there is an urgent need to strengthen the spirit of networking and learning from each other’s best practices and respect for diversity, plurality and inclusivity that have been the hallmark of South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, Central Asian countries and Fiji Islands.

Day 1: Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region with regards to Climate Change 
Day 2: Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific for Transnational Solidarity for Peace

Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region with regards to Climate Change
Climate change in the same context is an urgent and complex global challenge that demands our immediate attention. We are now witnessing the consequences of climate change across the globe in the form of rising temperatures, extreme weather events, melting polar ice, and disrupted ecosystems. As the effects intensify, vulnerable communities face heightened risks to their livelihoods and well-being. Thus, to safeguard our environment, we need to prioritise climate action today. Addressing climate change requires collective action, embracing sustainable practices, and transitioning to renewable energy sources. FFP places gender equality as well as climate change at the heart and soul of the international agenda. It aims, inter alia, towards improving the participation rate of women in economics and politics, involving women in peace negotiations, and reducing sexual violence through diplomatic relations. Challenges faced by Asia and Pacific regions have been devastating the impact of increased frequency of Cyclones, floods, deluge and bursting of water bodies, earthquakes, landslides. Tsunami waves devastated coastal populations in several nation states.

Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific for Transnational Solidarity for Peace
In a world where borders may separate us, the pursuit of peace unites us all. The realm of transnational solidarity embodies a shared desire for peaceful existence where humans transcend geographical boundaries to foster a harmonious global community to promote understanding, cooperation, and conflict resolution on a global scale. Through open dialogue, cultural exchange, and mutual support, transnational solidarity for peace showcases the transformative potential of collaboration, proving that together, we can build a future where peace and compassion prevail, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come. Human Rights organisations, movements like Fridays for Future, organisations and individuals collaborating across borders to provide humanitarian aid and refugee support in times of crisis or the UN Peacekeeping force showcase the power of transnational solidarity in promoting a more just and equitable world. Further, the report tends to focus on Feminist Foreign Policy, Peace Initiatives and Transnational Solidarity in Asia Pacific Region and how it can be aligned with its National Interests to further its Strategic Objectives. According to the International Peace Institute, when women participate in peace processes, agreements are more likely to last—and to be forged in the first place. The time is ripe for instituting a feminist foreign policy in India and all other nations. Asia and Pacific region are undergoing massive socio-cultural and economic transformation fuelled by neoliberal policies resulting in intra-country and cross border conflicts. Cocktail of cultural nationalism and market fundamentalism have unleashed hyper masculinity and patriarchal backlash against women’s dignity and rights. In this context, transnational Feminist solidarity gains great importance to safeguard women’s interests in the region.

Program Experts

Chair: Prof Vibhuti Patel, Visiting Distinguished Professor, IMPRI

Day 1: Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region with regards to Climate Change 

Ms Farida Akhter, Executive Director, UBINIG – Policy Research for Development Alternative, and President, Narigrantha Prabartana, Bangladesh

Dr Lavanya Shanbhogue ArvindAssistant Professor, Centre for Disasters and Development, Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

Ms Priti Darooka, Founder and Global Coordinator, BRICS Feminist Watch

Day 2: Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific for Transnational Solidarity for Peace

Ms Irene Santiago, Peace Adviser, Local Government Academy, Philippines; Chair Emerita and former CEO, Mindanao Commission on Women (MCW); Lead Convener, WomenSeriously.com; Feminist & Peace Negotiator

Dr Vahida Nainar, Independent Researcher, Gender & Human Rights Consultant

Dr Athiqah Nur Alami, Head of Research, Center for Politics, Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN), Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr Simi Mehta, CEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI
Dr Arjun Kumar, Director, IMPRI

Moderator & Host: Ms Harshaa Kawatra, Researcher, IMPRI
Team: Ms Vithita Jha, Mr Satyam Tripathi, Mr Chaitanya Deshpande & Ms Tripta Behera

Panelist FFP in Asia Pacific

Book Release Details

Advocating a Feminist Foreign Policy for India

Published by IMPRI Books
Authors: Simi Mehta, Vibhuti Patel and Satyam Tripathi
Price: Free | Grab your copy now!
E-Book Link: https://books.impriindia.com/product/advocating-a-feminist-foreign-policy-for-india/

FFP 2023

Dates: September 19, 2023
Time: 4 – 4.15 p.m. IST

Videos & Audios:

Day 1:
Live Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzZEJZY_1NE 
HQ Video: https://youtu.be/QfUaukQ6rOc
Spotify | Google Podcasts

Day 2:
Live Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOy7vTcyktI
HQ Video: https://youtu.be/WjXnVpVQY0s
Spotify | Google Podcasts

Book Release: Advocating a Feminist Foreign Policy for India
Live Video: https://youtu.be/lbDTCgwxe48
HQ Video: https://youtu.be/zmo_400d9qk

Participants/Registrations List:

Participation/Registration List
Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region
An Online International Workshop Program
A Two-Day Immersive Online Discussion Workshop
September 19 & 20, 2023 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning
A S MIRJEDr. VIJAYALAKSHMI. NMuskan KanodiaSangita Dubukwad
A.Arul SelviDr.Bamadev Sigdel SigdelNAGARAJAN KRISHNAMOORTHISanika Singh
Aakanshi BansalDr.K.Velumani KUPPUSAMYNAGENDRA KUMARSanjana bharadwaj
Aaliya AkhtarDr.M SucharithaNarayan KambleSanjay Sarmah
Aanya GuptaDr.Priya RaghavNargis .Santosh TD
Aaqib HayatDR.RAM TIWARINatty Lopessarya farooq
Aastha JhaDr.V.Thirukkani VelmuruganNaveen KumarSatabdi Das
aastha shuklaDwaipayan DasNavendu MishraSatabdi Sarkar
Abdullahi Ibrahim- Salahu-DeenEdme DominguezNAZRANA AHMADSaubhagya Singh
Abhii RaoEkta SharmaNazreen AshrafSaumya Kumar
Abhijith KotianEktha HarthiNeelu KhoslaSavina Dhatterwal
Abhinav PandeyETHEL JANE MolinaNeetu ThakurSayantani Das
Adarsh VijayFakir Mohan NaikNeety TirkeySayyida Akhter
Aditi GautamFARIDA AKHTERNeha AgasheSejal Dalvi
Adrika KashyapFarooz mustafa JanNeha Vermashabistan gaffar
Afiya ZiaFathima BathoolNehul GoyalShachee Agnihotri
Afrin RobertFiza MahajanNelun GunasekeraShahar Banu
AHANA CHOUDHURYGarima RawalNidhi baranwalshailender gaur
Akansha Chandragauravi vatsNidish MenonShalini Shah
Aksa Ann GeorgeGhazaala ParveenNikita Vermashanta shrestha
Aksha JainGiftlin EnochNipunika SachdevaShardul Vikram Singh
Akshaya M SGirija K SNishkalp ShuklaShashi Singh
Alexa Johnsgirijaa upadhyayNishtha .Shashwathi S
Aliya KhanGirish GulumkarNithisha ChShashwati Shashwati
Ameer SultanaGovindan PNitin KhartadShazia shakeel Haider
Amit Kumar TripathiGunpreesh KaurNivetha BalamuruganShefali ROY
Amit RoyHamzah MottaNoopur RaghojiShewli Kumar
Amna YasinHarshada UmatePaarth EndlawShilpa Handa
Amrita SahaHelan Idascadar SPallavi Brarashima das shimu
Amuliya SkariaHelena LepchaPam RajputSHINY G
Anamika AsthanaHiba MuneerPancham LohatShivangi Gaur
Ananya AHiba NaazPapia KhatunShivani Pandey
Ananya JaggiHridhya JenuParul GaztaSHRADDHA PANDIT
anggia anggrainiila joshiPemala BhutiaShree Gandhi Natarajan G
Aniket ShindeImmaculine Joy Paul CPeni HanggariniShreelekha Pramanick
Anita BanerjeeIndira DasguptaPetchiammal SShreiya Katoch
Anita PadhyInduja Aich RoyPhelisa NkomoShreya Pandey
ANJALI VERMAInsha Qayoom ShahPixie SarmahShrishti Mishra
Anjana SinhaIpshita MitraPonniah LogeswaryShrushti Visariya
Ankita GharamiIsha DasPooja AdhikariShruti Shila Saikia
Ankita KarIsha TambakuwalaPooja NannawareShwe Latt
Ankitw BhattacharjeeIshita SharmaPradeep AdhiakryShweta .
Anna AbrahamIyce MalhotraPradeep WanigasuriyaSimran Singh
Annie JoyaJAIDEEP GHOSHPragati MishraSiva Priya
Anshal TelangJameelabegum EathakulaPramod kumar PandaSivaranjani R
Anshika VermaJanhavi NagdevePranab AcharjeeSneha Roy
Anu JohnJanhvi KinjraPranita IndulkarSnigdha Thuga
Anubhuti MahantaJaza SayaidaPrarthana PriyadarshiniSoma KP
Anuj Kanchan Datta RoyJB DashPrateeti BarmanSonal Dsouza
Anukriti KunwarJESIKA GHATODEPratibha NagdeoSoumya Mukherjee
Anupam RaviJEYAMATHI JPratyusha RaychaudhuriSourishree Ghosh
Anuradha BhardwajJoycia Thoratprem adheesh lekhiSovik Mukherjee
Anuradha Sen MookerjeeJyotasana VermaPrerna SahniSOWJANYA PYLA
Anushka RanaK SANMATH HEGDEPriya GargSreeja J S
anushka sisodiaKadambini PandaPriyanca MathurSreeji M A
Apurva DasKanchi SinghalPriyanka AcharekarSreeparna Nath
Arina MuresanKanika BirjePriyanka GhoshSubham Kanu
Arjun SKanika GuptaPriyanka JadhavSUBODH KUMAR VERMA
Arushi KohliKaran PhularPriyanka SwamiSuchismita Pattanaik
Ashima SoodKashish TutejaPriyanshi DeolalSuchit Gupta
Ashish GuptaKaushik krishnanPriyanshu DixitSudeshna Chanda
Ashok TawarKavitha AmbuPriyanthi FernandoSujata Bargale
Ashutosh KumarKeerthi SrilakshmiPurvasha NidarSulbha Bhalekar
Ashwini MoreKeyuri WaghR R Kavin nisheshSulekha Das
Asik MondalKhagendra BhattaRachit JaiswalSumaiya Musharraf
Atima DuaKhushi KhanRachna KhannaSuman Lata
Atrayee BasuKhushi ParakhRadha MoreSupratick Banerjee
Avni SablokKiran BhoreRadha PaudelSupriya Gandhi
Ayesha AsifKiran ChauhanRadhika JoshiSURYAKANTA ROUT
AYYUB JAMAL KHANKrishangi SaikiaRadhika ThakurSushama Jha
Azeemah SaleemKrishtee BaruaRadhika ToshniwalSushmitha B C
B KiruthigaKriti TiwariRagini ParateSutapa Maji
B Madhana RekhaKritika AryaRahul KumarSuvarna Jadhav
Balakrishnan SathivelKritika ShuklaRAJANIKANTH B MSuvidha Rawat
Barsha ChattarajKuljeet KaurRajesh KumarSwara Ved
Basanti DasKumar GauravRajesh NandnawareSwasti Sachdeva
Beenu SinghKundan KumarRAJIV KUMAR JAINSwathi Santhosh Swathi
Bhagyashree MohapatraLAHARI BANDYOPADHYAYRam Nagesh PoojariSwathi Suvarna
Bhavana SethuramanLata PujariRamgopal KhunteySwati Duggal
Bhawna AryaLavanya MRana HaqSwati Nanda
Bhawna NALaxman VadhelRanjan Padhanswati rane
Bhawna PokharnaLeena PujariRanjeeta Silwalsweta Singh
Chaitanya DeshpandeLianboi VaipheiRASHMI BHALLAT.P Singh
Chamila ThushariLigin KLRashmi MathurTamilvendhan A
Chandrima BharLucky DeyRashmi PaniTanima Banik
Chandrima MajumderLusia SariRashmika SharmaTanisha Jain
Charane SahdhneeM R RAMESHRasika MadgeTanuja Sachdev
Chinmayi KhavnekarMadhabananda RayRasika YadavTANUPRIYA MAJUMDAR
Colin JanetMALLEPALLI BHASKARRatan Kumar DasTanya Sood
Daniya RoshanMamta MishraRavi Shankar RajTejasvini Adya M M
Deepanjali SharmaManali JainRavishri MishraTrayee Sinha
Deepanshu BaghelManan SinghRehmat AroraTrisha Dewan
Deepika JindoliyaManas Ranjan PatiRINREICHON H SHIMRAYTrisha Shivdasan
Devananda RajeshManasi KashidRishabh GuptaTrishala Parmar
Devansha KumawatMandakini BaruahRitwik ShanuUma Gupta
Dharitri PriyadarshiniManikanda Perumal VRohan LondheUpasana Rana
Diksha NinaveManimala GiriRohan PrakashUrmi Sanyal
Dipali Sharma BhandariManjari TyagiRohini AlokUsha Mishra
Dipankar DeyMaria VargheseRohini ChandraUsha More
Disha ‎Marisa HutchinsonRohini WadhawanUtsav Das
Divya TiwariMarsha SilvaRonny HedauVaishali Ojha
Diya GuptaMedha KharatRoopika TVaishnavi Bhargava
Diya KirttaniaMeemansa SinghRowshon AraVandana tripathi
Dr Deepa SharmaMeenakshi KumarRuata HauzelVanisha Pandia
Dr Meenakshi GopinathMeenakshi PariharRubal BansalVaralini J
DR MOHAMMED OSAMAMeera Rajeev KumarRubina PradhanVareni Awasthi
Dr Nirja MattooMelissa RemediosRucha DaveVarsha Bhargavi
Dr Rakesh MohantyMerlyn DsaRuchika YadavVarsha Singh
Dr Sudheer SinghMerlyn MartisRudrapati SravaniVedika Vyavahare
Dr Uma NabhiMia CorpusRupa ShresthaVeena .F Konganavar
Dr. Aparna ChaudharyMilind BansodeRupsa SarkarVeena Bhalerao
Dr. Archana KumariMinal ParekhS T RazaVENKATA satyanarayana
Dr. BRINDA M. N.Minna JoseS.Nirmala DeviVidyanath Jha
Dr. Harsha MerchantMohammad Shafiq SultanSabihabanu mirchoni MirchoniVIJAY JARIWALA
Dr. Jyotisikha DuttaMona SedwalSachin PandeyVijay Laxmi
Dr. Ketki Tara KumaiyanMoni YadavSadia AmtussalaamVijaylakshmi Brara
Dr. Manish sharmaMonica LakandriSagir HasanVinita Fernandes
Dr. Momina SirgurohMou BiswasSai RacherlaVishakha Jha
Dr. NAMRATA GAURAVMouli SharmaSamidha ChoudhariYash Jethwa
Dr. Ravia GuptaMounamukhar GhoshSamruddhi PYashasvi Sharma
Dr. Rosie PatangiaMr ZulfikarSamukezi Mrubula-NgwenyaYukta T
Dr. Saba InamdarMuhammad Amir Hamzah S.PdSana AnsariZarzolien Infimate
Dr. SHANMUGA PRIYAA GMuhammad Shafiquesangeeta sindhiZoya Ali

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