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Dr. Simi Mehta

CEO & Editorial Director

Dr. Simi Mehta is CEO and Editorial Director, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute. She holds a PhD in American Studies from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and was a Fulbright Nehru Doctoral Research Fellow at Ohio State University, USA. She holds a Master’s Degree from JNU in International Relations. She represented India in the South Asia Connect program for startup entrepreneurs, at Nexus Startup Hub at the American Center, New Delhi, and was subsequently chosen for the 50-day pre-incubation program at the Center, conducted by the IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Austin.

Her areas of research include gender in foreign policy, international security studies, sustainable development, climate change, gender justice, urban environment and food security. She is a regular commentator on these issues in print and electronic media, and has contributed more than 5 dozen research articles in reputed national and international journals. Simi is the author of the book Lessons in Sustainable Development from Bangladesh and India (Palgrave, 2019). Simi is the Managing Editor of the biannual research journal: Impact and Policy Research Review (e-ISSN: 2563-3464) managed and published by IMPRI.

Simi is also an honorary member of the agriculture wing of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI)- a National Business Chamber for Women,  in which she is advocating for greater female representation in international agricultural negotiations, treaties, and policymaking.

Simi leads the virtual talk series – Web Policy Talk:  #DiplomacyDialogue – The State of International Affairs (under IMPRI Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies). I am the co-principal investigator of (2021) Environmental Refugees: Climate, Health and Livelihood in the Indian Ocean World. Transregional Collaborative Research Grants, Sponsored by SSRC, New York. She was the co-principal investigator of (2020) Environmental Refugees: Climate, Health and Livelihood in the Indian Ocean World. Research Planning Grant, Sponsored by SSRC, New York. In both these grants, she is focusing on cross border and inter-continental aspects of gender, geopolitics and climate change. She is the co-convenor of the ongoing Online Monsoon Summer School: Feminist Foreign Policy: Praxis for a Peaceful and Gender Just World Order being organised by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) India Office, and IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Center (GISC), every Friday in September 2022.

Research Areas 

Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Employment and Well-being, Public Policies, Programs and Schemes, Social Sector



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