Center for Human Dignity and Development (CHDD)

About the Center

The world around us is beset with challenges, and one among these is unequal and unfair treatment meted out to a large section of the population, which includes discrimination across gender and sexual orientation, caste and class, race and ethnicity as well as against persons with disabilities.

With the growing consensus in development studies and practice that aggregate economic growth is inept in advancing people’s well-being, there is a palpable and necessary call to action to dismantle these forms of belittling and demeaning gestures. Based on the express belief and commitment to the equality of human beings, IMPRI Center for Human Dignity and Development (CHDD) aims to provide an objective and subjective understanding of the above sets of challenges. We regard human dignity as supreme and that along with a dignified treatment meted out to each person, s/he deserves a dignified life and livelihood as well. Respect for human dignity requires commitment to creating enabling conditions under which individuals can develop a sense of self-worth and security. Unless this is ensured, the looming threats of violence and injustice will continue to impede efforts towards human development.

CHDD exhorts every fellow human being to stand in solidarity with inclusive development so that no one is denied the skills and confidence to build a world strong and prosperous in harmonious diversity.

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CHDD’s mandate includes:

  1. Promotion of local, national and global partnerships to take effective action for fostering human dignity and inclusive development.
  2. Enhancing trans-disciplinary knowledge and advocacy to consider human dignity from diverse methodological perspectives.
  3. Encouraging critical feedback and urge multi-party intervention for greater accountability. 
  4. Investigating how human dignity might serve as a point of amalgamation of diverse development approaches.
  5. Developing a repository of information to inform evidence-based and action-based policymaking.
  6. Organizing discussions, webinars, conferences, and public engagements for viable recommendations for theory and practice to promote human dignity and development and exploring the areas of interventions with local, national, and global stakeholders, including academic experts, civil society participants, policymakers, practitioners, and multilateral agencies.
  7. Facilitating comprehensive understanding and revitalizing partnerships across development paradigms, with the aim of translating these into practical insights for policy and practice.

The State of Human Dignity and Development – #InclusiveDevelopment

#IMPRI CHDD is carrying out a #WebPolicyTalk series called The State of Human Dignity and Development – #InclusiveDevelopment.

The State of Human Dignity and Development InclusiveDevelopment
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