Congress at Crossroads: Challenges & Responses

Congress at Crossroads: Challenges and Responses
Under Rahul Gandhi’s inspired leadership, the Congress has officially entered the Zombie zone, turning itself into the living dead. The party has retaken Himachal Pradesh and some Muslim-dominated wards in Delhi. It is winning a by-election in Chhattisgarh, as well. Sure, these signs of life matter.

SafaiMitra Surakshit Shehar 

Safai Mitra Surakshit Shehar
In August this year, 500 cities across India declared themselves as ‘Safai Mitra Surakshit Shehar’. This implies transformation of every ‘manhole’ into a ‘machine hole’ and showcases the success of the decisive drive towards discarding the inhuman practise of manual scavenging. 

A Crucial Headcount, Delayed Census 2021

The Indian Census has been delayed. While some sources claim that it is now to be conducted in 2023, it appears on the whole that the planning and preparation that is a prerequisite for the initiative has been put off indefinitely. While the Government of India posted in its notices that the reason for the delay was the Covid-19 pandemic, this article explores why such a reason might be a purely ostensible one. The article argues for immediate course correction, for reasons more than just having a “headcount”.