EMERGING MOOC MARKETS: Perspectives from India and Bangladesh

Emerging MOOC Markets: Perspectives from India and Bangladesh

By Zarif Azhan Dhruba, Sajid Amit and Simi Mehta

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Under the project “Building Resilient Universities,” CES has developed a MOOC on Promotion of Diversity, Tolerance, and Pluralism. The MOOC market is fast-growing in Bangladesh and already quite large in India. This report looks at the MOOC market in Bangladesh and India in consultation with experts in both countries.

Zarif Azhan Dhruba, Project Research Associate, Center for Enterprise and Society
Sajid Amit, Director, Center for Enterprise and Society, ULAB
Simi Mehta, PhD, CEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

CES Working Paper Series
Center for Enterprise & Society
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

ISBN: 978-81-956403-8-6

Link to download: https://ces.ulab.edu.bd/sites/default/files/EMERGING%20MOOC%20MARKETS%20Perspectives%20from%20India%20and%20Bangladesh_April%2017%2C%2022_Zarif%20Azhar%2C%20Sajid%20Amit%2C%20Simi%20Mehta.pdf