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Terrorism: An Unflinching Danger

As both India and Pakistan celebrate the 75th anniversary of their independence, unfortunately, Pakistan is identified as the progenitor and a safe haven for terrorism and global terrorists stalking and staring at the world with impunity due to state patronage. Pakistan itself claims to be the victim of terrorism and flashes out statistics to prove it. But it forgets that if you nurture those mercenaries, they will come to bite you back.

Democracy Deficit : Dalit boy killed for drinking water from pot and stabbing of Rushdie

The assaults on Salman Rushdie and the Rajasthan Dalit boy both stem from democracy deficit.

Two recent assaults, the attempted killing of Salman Rushdie in a New York town, and the killing of Indra, a small boy in a Rajasthan village, for daring to drink from his school master’s water pot, point to deep failings of Indian democracy, without addressing which Indians cannot hope to be truly free.