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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visits India: No amends in India foreign policy

Some two years into the military standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi paid a short visit to India last week. The India leg of his trip was shrouded in secrecy even as other parts of the itinerary — Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal — were well publicised. In diplomacy, secret visits are sometimes intended to break long-standing logjams and demonstrate a commitment to the resolution of conflicts. But this was no such visit. It was primarily aimed at testing India’s resolve and assessing if changing global geopolitics made New Delhi more amenable to giving in to China, much like in the past.

India’s Vote – Deft or Daft Diplomacy

Russia-Ukraine war is touching everyone in different ways as the already stressed global world order goes through a premediated churn. As if the COVID-19 pandemic was not enough, geopolitics between Moscow and Washington has begun to impact ordinary lives in myriad ways as the prices and uncertainty of energy, oil and gas, wheat and food products are hitting the roof. As the Trans-Atlantic alliance has woken up from being ‘brain dead, the Sino-Russian axis is tying the knot even more strongly.