What is MOSIP: Open Source Platform?

Rohit Mehta, Arjun Kumar

A digital identification system is important for people who want to apply for the welfare schemes offered by the government. It can include several attributes allowing a person to use the same for verification purposes. Most governments spend money on building national IDs with the latest technologies for getting the desired outcomes. On the other hand, they should consider choosing the right platform for this purpose that will help achieve better results. Not only that, it offers solutions for generating IDs with high accuracy to gain more benefits.

MOSIP can be an option

MOSIP is an open-source platform meant for governments or international organisations to build a foundational identification system in a cost-effective way. A functional identity system enables individuals to get a unique identity from the government to avail various services such as financial, social security, etc. Nations can use the platform when they want to build their own identification system. It provides a vendor-neutral and interoperable approach allowing governments to configure their systems with high accuracy. Apart from that, the platform gives ways to address various challenges when building a national functional system that helps meet the essential needs.

What are the key architectural principles of MOSIP?

MOSIP platform comes with independent and interchangeable modules with API-based implementation. Some of the key modules include pre-registration, registration client, registration processor, ID repository and ID authentication. Those who want to develop a digital identification system can use any of or all the modules that help a lot to experience the desired outcomes. Additionally, it makes feasible methods to focus more on the objectives that will help accomplish goals to a large extent. The platform even contributes to integrate with existing databases or present different flows thereby showing ways to make the project a successful one.

What are the features of MOSIP?

MOSIP open-source platform comes with different features and users should know about them in detail. Moreover, it allows government organisations to perform several tasks with ease.

  1. Scalability and manageability

The primary advantage of MOSIP is that it gives ways to work on population and improves the functions when technologies evolve. Most open-source platforms come with vertical scaling that will result in high expenses. Not only that, they consume large capacity and storage. Vertical scaling also plays an important role in limiting the overall scaling ability that requires immediate attention. MOSIP is horizontally scalable that provides ways to scale out accordingly. The platform comes with other features such as monitoring, auditing and upgrading to overcome unwanted issues.

  1. Privacy

MOSIP platform is available with security and privacy features that will help protect the data from potential threats. The consent framework in the platform takes care of user privacy that lets users choose what they want to share and when. Apart from that, it enables users to lock authentication features that pave the ways to reach the next levels.

  1. Security

The platform makes feasible methods to encrypt all the information that is inaccessible by both external and internal parties without user content. Some other security features include license keys, policies, and infrastructure security that will help minimise potential risks.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

MOSIP platform is a cost-effective solution for all government agencies that allow users to leverage the costs effectively. It provides ways to design a system at affordable rates, thereby showing ways to reduce expenses.

  1. System integration

Users can integrate the system with configuration-based approaches, which pave ways to develop an ID with high efficiency. Besides that, it allows them to design a system based on their choices.

  1. Vendor neutrality

Vendor neutrality is important for government agencies to manage the customer’s labour ecosystem. It allows users to keep the ecosystem healthy, thereby helping to avoid potential risks. The MOSIP platform gives ways to avoid log-in by addressing the essential needs of users.

  1. Modularity

Every major feature of the platform allows users to handle them as a separate plug that gives ways to perform the activity without any difficulties.

  1. High performance

The MOSIP platform is available with infrastructure and networks that contribute to improve the performance levels effectively while performing important activities in identity platform designing.

What are the modules of the MOSIP platform?

The MOSIP platform comes with modules such as user-enabled data entry, appointment booking, fingerprint, IRIS, photo, field configurability, UIN generation, data enrichment, etc. Modular de-duplication engine, eKYC services, tokenisation, virtualisation, resident services portal, reports and analytics, resident controlled privacy, field configurability, appointment booking, online mode, offline mode and so on.

Is MOSIP compatible with all operating systems?

MOSIP is compatible with all operating systems, which support Java language allowing the users to design and build an identification system depending on their needs. The platform is easy to use that gives ways to design digital identity cards with unique features.

(This article has been co-authored by Arjun Kumar, director of The Impact and Policy Research Institute)

Originally published at Times of India on oct 17, 2021.


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