Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective
Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective

Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective

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Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective | An Online National Summer School Program | A One-Month Immersive Online Certificate Training Course | June – July 2024 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning

#IMPRI Center for the Study of Finance and Economics (CSFE), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invite you to #WebPolicyLearning

An Online National Summer School Program
A One-Month Immersive Online Certificate Training Course on

Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective

Details of the #WebPolicyLearning:
Dates: 22, 29 June, 6, 13, July 2024
Four Consecutive Saturday Evenings
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Platform: Zoom

Course Fee: INR 6000 (inclusive of 18% GST)
Discounted Fees: Professionals: INR 3800 | Students: INR 2900
Special 20 percent discount for IMPRI Alumni.
Bulk Discounts can be availed for groups of more than 5 participants belonging to relevant stakeholder organisations and academic, and research-based institutions.
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The importance of better management and governance of the health sector in India has vastly increased for several reasons.

First, India’s vision of Viksit Bharat by the end of Amrit Kaal in 2047 has a healthy population as one its core elements.

Second, it is only recently that the health sector is being viewed as a professional rather than a welfare activity. There are therefore many legacy issues to be addressed while meeting new challenges of transitioning from communicable to lifestyle disease burden.

Third, The Covid-19 Pandemic, which India managed relatively successfully, underlines that the poorly managed health sector is an economic and national security risk. Technology management in the health sector is thus a key issue to be managed

Why this Program?

The above suggests that literacy about health management and governance in India must become more widespread among relevant faculties, policymakers, and health sector administrators, relevant faculty and undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers, and for those involved in public policies, legislative and judicial wings, and political parties.  A diverse set of professionals could thus benefit from the proposed four-day Certificate Program on Health Sector Management and Governance : An Indian perspective, organized by IMPRI  (Impact and Policy Research Institute), New Delhi.

This Certificate Program is structured to provide relevant analytical principles and frameworks relevant to the health sector in India, as well as discuss current health initiatives and future challenges in India’s health sector. High quality resource persons, from  academic, policy and practitioners domains will be delivering this program.

Engaging with experts and peers from around the world, participants can expect to gain valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of health policy and governance. From analyzing policy frameworks to understanding the role of stakeholders and exploring innovative approaches, the program covers a wide range of topics essential for effective health governance. Furthermore, the interactive nature of the online platform allows for meaningful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas among participants.

By participating in this program, individuals stand to benefit in numerous ways. Not only will they acquire new knowledge and skills to address complex health challenges, but they will also enhance their professional credentials with a certificate from a reputable institution like IMPRI. Additionally, the flexible online format eliminates the constraints of geographical location and travel, making it accessible to participants from diverse backgrounds and regions. Ultimately, the program empowers participants to contribute meaningfully to shaping health policies and governance frameworks, both nationally and internationally, for the betterment of public health outcomes globally.

For Whom

This course is designed for professionals, policymakers, researchers, and students interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of public policy, with a specific focus on health policy and governance. It is suitable for individuals working or aspiring to work in government agencies, non-profit organizations, healthcare institutions, academia, and private sector entities involved in health-related initiatives.


  • Gain a solid foundation in public policy concepts and frameworks, with a particular emphasis on health governance structures and processes.
  • Learn essential policy analysis tools and techniques for evaluating health policies and making informed decisions.
  • Understand the complexities of stakeholder engagement, consensus building, and the challenges of policy implementation in the healthcare sector in India.
  • Explore health governance, comparative policy analysis, and emerging trends in global health policy.
  • Learn about India’s recent health sector initiatives, and the challenges in realising the goal of attaining a healthy population by the end of AMRIT KAAL in 2047.
  • Interact with experts and practitioners in the field, network with peers, and access valuable resources for advancing your career or research in health policy and governance.

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Program Experts

Chair: Prof Mukul Asher, Former Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore; Visiting Distinguished Professor, IMPRI


Prof Mukul Asher, Former Professor, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore; Visiting Distinguished Professor, IMPRI

Ms Urvashi Prasad, Director, Office of Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, New Delhi

Prof Pradeep K. Panda, Professor and Dean, School of Public Health, Asian Institute of Public Health (AIPH) University, Bhubaneswar

Mr V. Ramakrishnan, Visiting Senior Fellow, IMPRIManaging Director, Organisation Development, Singapore

Dr Parashram Patil, Senior Advisor, Maharashtra Institution for Transformation, NITI Aayog; Agriculture Economist, Prime Ministers Museum & Library Fellow (PMML), New Delhi; Senior Visiting Fellow, IMPRI.

Dr Manorama Bakshi, Director and Head of Healthcare and Advocacy, Consocia Advisory; Founder and Director, Trilok Raj Foundation (TRF); Visiting Senior Fellow, IMPRI

Prof Sanghamitra S. Acharya, Professor, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi


Dr Simi MehtaCEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI
Dr Arjun KumarDirector, IMPRI

Program Time Structure

Program Time Structure
Health Sector Management and Governance: An Indian Perspective
An Online Summer School Program
A One-Month Immersive Online Introductory Certificate Training Course
22, 29 June & 6, 13 July 2024 | 6: 30 – 8: 30 pm | Zoom
Four Consecutive Saturdays
IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning
Time SlotTopicsExpert
Day 1 | 22 June 2024 (Saturday)
Analytical Concepts and Frameworks Relevant for Assessing the Health Sector
6:30-7:00 pmIntroduction to the Course & Chair’s RemarksProf Mukul Asher
7:00-8:30 pmAnalytical Frameworks and Concepts to Assess Health Sector OutcomesProf Mukul Asher
Day 2 | 29 June 2024 (Saturday)
India’s Recent and Proposed Healthcare Initiatives and Deliberations
6:30-7:30 pmIndia’s Recent and Proposed Healthcare Intiatives and DeliberationsMs Urvashi Prasad
7:30-8:30 pmThe Role of AYUSH Approach in India’s HealthcareProf Pradeep K. Panda
Day 3 | 6 July 2024 (Saturday)
Health Economics and Governance
6:30-7:30 pmAn Introduction to the Economics of the Health SectorProf Mukul Asher
Fiscal Aspects of Expanding India’s Current and Proposed Healthcare InitativesProf Mukul Asher
Use of AI and Other Technologies in Health Sector Management and GovernanceMr V. Ramakrishnan
How to Enhance Healthy Living Including Better Food Production & ConsumptionDr Parashram Patil
Challenges in Enhancing India as a Global and Regional Medical TourismDr Manorama Bakshi
Day 4 | 13 July 2024 (Saturday)
Challenges in Healthcare Services
6:30-7:30 pmChallenges in Achieving Better Access, Adequacy and Affordability of Healthcare Services within IndiaProf Sanghamitra S. Acharya
7:30-8:30 pmChair’s Concluding Remarks & Participants Feedback SessionProf Mukul Asher

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