Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Mr Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Visiting Senior Fellow

I hold degrees in Engineering and Management (Bachelor of Engineering ( Mechanical);
M Tech; PGDBM and am an accredited Executive Coach) I started in machinery manufacturing and moved through Manufacture of Metal Working Equipment, Textile Machinery, Tools and Tooling Manufacturing Sector; starting on the shop floor I worked up through the various functions, Production, Process Design & Control, Product Design and Engineering, Quality Management, Technical Sales and Marketing- regional and global ; I was one of the early starters in CNC machining having worked in Germany and Sweden in early 1980’s. The focus has been enhancing stakeholder value having worked on start ups, green fields, brownfields, turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. I have lived and worked in India, Europe, Indonesia and Singapore. I founded Organisation Development Pte Ltd in Singapore in 1999 I have been consulting on Enterprise and Institutional Performance and hold multiple proprietary frameworks and copyrights on performance analysis. covering strategic management, risk analysis, financial analysis, budget management, market definition, customer value proposition management, product life cycle management, process excellence, supply chain management, project oversight and Leadership Development. I have contributed to books on Strategy, Corporate Governance, Corporate Performance Frameworks, and Family Coaching. I have authored numerous papers in my areas of research and interest. I am accredited to several Profiling Tools. worked with multiple boards, CEO’s of large MNC’s across Asia Pacific on Director Assessment and Development. I have a deep and abiding interest in alternate energy and hold a patent on a Central Heating System using Solar Hot water. I am an avid wild life photographer, enjoy classical music and am organic gardener who enjoys an occasional round of golf. I started teaching public policy – focused on Institutional Performance Assessment & Management. at The Lee Yuan Yew School of Public Policy starting 2004.

Research Areas 

Economy and Infrastructure, Entrepreneurship, ICT and Innovation, Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Governance and Law, International Relations and Strategic Studies, Public Finances and Macroeconomics, Public Policies, Programs and Schemes, Science and Technology