LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship- Cohort 2.0 Winter’23 – Theme: Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence

LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship- Cohort 2.0 Winter’23 – Theme: Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence

LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship- Cohort 2.0 Winter’23 – Theme: Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence

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LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship- Cohort 2.0 Winter’23Theme: Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence | An Online National Winter School Program | A One-Month Immersive Online Law and Public Policy Awareness Certificate Training Course and Internship Program | November-December 2023 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning

#IMPRI Centre for Human Dignity and DevelopmentIMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invites you to #WebPolicyLearning

An Online National Winter School Program

A One-Month Immersive Online Law and Public Policy Awareness and Leadership Certificate Training Course

LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship- Cohort 2.0 Winters 2023
Theme: Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence

Details of the #WebPolicyLearning
Dates: November 25 – December 10, 2023
(Nov 25, Dec 2, 9, 10, 16, 23, 2023)
Consecutive Saturdays and Special Session on December 10 (Sunday) – International Human Rights Day
Time: 6 – 8 p.m. IST
Platform: Zoom & Research Essay Writing

Course Fee: INR 8000 (inclusive of GST)
Limited Seats are available for scholarships.
Write to learningatimpri@gmail.com

Registration Form: https://forms.gle/NQmiYNCcXCh1ntQ47

Payment Link: https://pages.razorpay.com/impricoursefee

NOTE: Please don’t proceed to pay without filling out the registration form given above. For queries, write to: learningatimpri@gmail.com

About the Fellowship

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, proudly presents the second cohort of the LPPYF Law and Public Policy Youth Fellowship – Cohort 2.0 Winter’23. Guided by the overarching UN theme, The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day, this fellowship is dedicated to fostering a society where gender-based violence is eradicated, and human rights principles are upheld. It is scheduled on Consecutive Saturdays commencing from Nov 25, 2023, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, till December 23, 2023, with a special class on December 10 Sunday to observe International Human Rights Day.

Building on the success of the first cohort, we are delighted to offer this comprehensive program to equip aspiring policymakers, researchers, and legal enthusiasts with valuable skills and knowledge. In this unique winter fellowship, participants will delve deep into the realm of Human Rights, exploring its historical context, contemporary challenges, and potential solutions. Led by experts in the fields of law, public policy, and human rights, the program offers a holistic learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge, interactive discussions, and practical case studies.

The LPPYF Cohort 2 Winter’23 aims to nurture a community of young leaders fervently dedicated to gender-based violence and human rights causes, fostering collaborative networking. By the program’s conclusion, participants will have cultivated profound insights into gender-based violence and human rights and honed essential skills in activism, advocacy, and effective presentation.

Don’t miss out on this enriching experience. Join us in championing a world free from gender-based violence and rich in human rights!

IMPRI & the Fellows Allied Contribution to the Theme

Embracing the UN’s theme of “UNITE! Activism to End Gender-Based Violence,” team IMPRI with its LPPYF fellows of Cohort 2.0 will bring a special nuanced edition of IMPRI Publication titled LPPYF: An Anthology of Essays on Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence. This will be an ISBN publication with our Fellows as contributing authors to individual chapters. Guided by seasoned experts, academics, and activists in law, public policy, and human rights, the program offers a comprehensive learning journey combining theoretical foundations, interactive discussions, and practical case studies that will help the fellows develop their chapters for the anthology.

The initial phase of the fellowship will establish a strong foundation by imparting comprehensive knowledge of gender-based violence, human rights principles, international legal frameworks, and the pivotal role of youth in advocating for ending violence and upholding human rights. As the fellowship unfolds, participants will engage in creative activities such as poetry, painting, slogan writing, blog and research essay composition, song creation, filmmaking, photo essays and presentations. These activities will empower participants to critically analyze real-world human rights and gender-based violence issues and propose innovative strategies for their resolution.

For Whom

Early Career Professionals, Young Research Scholars, and Postgraduate and Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Eligible Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Should be enrolled/ have completed their graduation in good academic standing and are willing to learn with curiosity, excel in law and public policy, and wish to contribute positively to society.
  • Should be able to submit a mandatory report/chapter by the end of the program for LPPYF: An Anthology of Essays on Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence.


  • Enhanced Knowledge: The program provides a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into various aspects of Gender-Based Violence and Human Rights, fostering a deeper understanding of complex issues.
  • Skill Development: Participants will acquire practical skills such as policy analysis, critical thinking, and effective communication, enhancing their capabilities as future leaders. This fellowship program will also help the fellows hone their presentation skills.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engaging with experts, peers, and professionals in the field throughout the program facilitates valuable networking, potentially leading to mentorship and collaboration.
  • Flexible Schedule: The program’s Saturday sessions are designed to accommodate participants’ existing commitments, making it feasible to enhance skills and knowledge without disrupting other responsibilities. Fellows will get access to session videos for 15 days. ​We promote flexible learning at your pace and place, and strict attendance is not the mandatory criterion.
  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Receive an especially-designed course outline and reading list from the experts. The requirement to submit mandatory research essays on relevant policy topics and present findings ensures a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application.
  • Effective Leadership Development: By equipping participants with knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities, the program empowers fellows to become effective representatives who can shape developmental efforts for a more inclusive and equitable society.
  • Public Policy Expertise: Participants gain specialized expertise in the field of public policy, enhancing their credibility and opening doors to impactful career opportunities.
  • Positive Change Advocacy: Graduates of the program are better equipped to drive positive change in public policy by influencing decision-making processes and advocating for inclusive and equitable policies.
  • Certificate: Upon successful completion of this program, the participants will receive a certificate of completion acknowledging their efforts put into this learning endeavour.
  • Publication Opportunities: An Opportunity to publish your report on the IMPRI Insights Blog, which features articles from eminent people from around the globe and become a contributing author to a chapter in IMPRI Books Publication with ISBN: LPPYF: An Anthology of Essays on Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence.
    Please Note: Participants are encouraged to present their work in any creative manner apart from the essay.

Program Details

We are excited to announce the upcoming LPPFY Cohort 2.0 Winter’23 Program. This immersive and enriching fellowship will delve into the multifaceted realm of human rights, offering a unique blend of interactive classes and creative presentations.

Duration: November 25 – December 10, 2023
(Nov 25, Dec 2, 9, 10, 16, 23, 2023)
Total Sessions: 16 sessions (Including Inaugural and Valedictory Sessions)
Presentation Sessions: 2 interactive sessions for creative presentations (December 16 & 23, 2023)

The fellowship comprises 3 Special lecture sessions by distinguished experts, 5 Technical lecture sessions conducted by subject matter experts, 4 Hands-On Training Sessions by a legal practitioner for public policy capacity development, and 6 Program sessions of short intervals interspersed through the program’s tenure.

These program sessions include the Inaugural and Valedictory sessions. Along with that, these sessions are designed to be interactive and to establish communication between the fellows and the experts who will, with their esteemed guidance, help our fellows develop their creative projects.

Creative Project

As an opportunity to become an individual chapter contributing author in our special edition of IMPRI Books: LPPYF: An Anthology of Essays on Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-Based Violence, the program offers participants the unique opportunity to delve into diverse topics. Participants can choose topics from a varied area of international/ national/ local human rights, laws and policies, foreign policies such as human rights, constitutional laws, foreign policies, marginalised communities’ rights, gender justice, environmental rights, disability rights, or any other such policy and law related issue. 

Topics with a focus on policy and schemes are encouraged. Some suggested thematic areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Gender equality and empowerment
  • Rights of sexual minorities
  • Environmental justice and sustainability
  • Refugee rights and humanitarian interventions
  • Indigenous rights and cultural preservation
  • Access to education and healthcare as fundamental rights
  • Protecting the right of disabled people

Fellows will be expected to present their creative project in either forms of visual, aural or narrative mediums. These may include but are not limited to songs, performance poetry, paintings, photo essays and short films.

Please note: Fellows will have to submit a research article, which can include media for the anthology and will also have to present the same in either form mentioned above on the dates allocated for the presentation.

Prize for Best Presenters

As part of the LPPYF Fellowship, we are excited to offer an opportunity for participants to shine by showcasing their creativity and research skills. We recognize the importance of fostering impactful presentations and rewarding exceptional efforts. In line with this, we are pleased to announce the provision of an award to honour the most outstanding and impactful presentations during the fellowship.

The judgement for Best Presenter will be on the basis of the presentation’s Creativity and Impact. The best Presenter will be provided with a certificate, and a bag of goodies will be sent to their postal address.

Abstract Submission and Deadline

We invite all participants to seize this rewarding opportunity by submitting an abstract outlining their chosen research topic related to human rights. The abstract should include your idea for the chapter and in which form you choose to present it; whether you are planning to write a slogan, create a short film, or express your research in a unique way, we encourage you to share your innovative ideas with us.

Abstract submission
Abstract Length: 250-300 words
In this, include a brief note of 100-150 words about your chosen mode of expression for the presentation (photo essay, performance poetry, slogan, film, etc..)
Along with the abstract, kindly share your background and interests in a short bio note of 75-100 words. This word limit is exclusive of the abstract.

Submission Deadline: [December 2, 2023]
Your abstract should reflect the essence of your research and your creative approach to addressing human rights issues. We encourage participants to think outside the box and present their ideas compelling and impactfully. However, please abide by the deadline.

For queries, write to: learningatimpri@gmail.com

LLPFY Fellowship 1

Program Experts

Chair: Prof Vibhuti Patel, Visiting Distinguished Professor, IMPRI

Fellowship Lead Advisor & Legal Hands-on Sessions: Adv Dr Shalu Nigam, Visiting Senior Fellow IMPRI; Advocate, Author, and Researcher, Gender and Human Rights

Dr Simi Mehta, CEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI
Dr Arjun Kumar, Director, IMPRI

Vithita Jha, Visiting Researcher & Assistant Editor
Vaishali Singh, Research Program & Editorial Associate (Visiting)
Samridhhi Sharma, Visiting Researcher & Assistant Editor

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