Implantation of Employment Policies Need Inter and Intrastate Commitments – Urvashi Prasad


Employment is the source of growth of the nation. The drastic recession of the country during the Covid 19 phase has taken employment to nadir. Employment is the need of the hour as the unemployed workforce is downfall productivity of the nation. The rising population should ensure rising demand and thus, an increase in supply and employment. But this phase of falling employment with rising population and stagnant demand is a spiral that would continue if not handled with an effective and efficient policy.

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In order to tackle the complexities of unemployment while charting out ideas for creating an employment hub nation, the Center for Work and Welfare(CWW) at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, organized an online discussion on The Need for a National Employment Policy the state of employment and Livelihood– #Employment Debate series on 12 August 2021.

Policy Perspective

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Urvashi Prasad, Public Policy Specialist, Office of Vice-Chairman, NITI Aayog forwarded her views on need for financial employment policy planning. She emphasized the need for federalism and how the employment perspective depends on policies and planning at the state as well as district level. Also, there is a need for an overarching framework for the development and initializing of these policies.

She emphasized the gender gaps and population explosion as the factors for employment problems in our nation. She laid the foundation of her debate by acknowledging that covid 19 has badly impacted our economy but has also opened the doors for various opportunities in the field of technology etc.

There is a need for inter and intra state commitments for implantation of the policies regarding employment.

-Urvashi Prasad

You tube link for The Need for a National Employment Policy