Government is Not Bothered about ‘Labour’ At All- Mr. Chandan Kumar

Arjun Kumar, Ritika Gupta, Sakshi Sharda, Anshula Mehta, Sunidhi Agarwal

The fact remains that the fascist government is not bothered about ‘labour’ at all. Keeping the migrant workers issues at center stage and recognizing the social and economic cost of COVID-19 Pandemic IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute , Working Peoples’ Charter and Indian Social Institute organized a Panel Discussion on Migrant Workers, Labour Rights, Policy: Impact and Way Forward. The talk was to engage the panelists views on concerns of social security, livelihood and the impact of Pandemic.

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Mr. Chandan Kumar, National Coordinator, Working People’s Charter eloquently pointed to the dismay of our times. We can’t expect anything from the government. There has been no labor conference in the last seven years. The entire labor regime has changed without any deliberation from the temple of Indian Democracy, the Parliament. The working poor in this country are resilient enough and they are fighting exploitation. 

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There is a need for course correction and there has been none in the ground. The Chhattisgarh and Telangana Government have developed very concrete policies but they still haven’t been implemented. It is a mammoth task and can state take it upon themselves to bring the required change? Maharashtra government has come up with a welfare package for poor workers. Yet these are restricted to registered workers.

Youtube Video for Panel Discussion on Migrant Workers, Labour Rights, Policy: Impact and Way Forward IMPRI #WebPolicyTalks



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