National Employment Policy Should Focus on a Balance Between Reforms in Agricultural Sector and Enshrining of Right to Work – Dr. Sandeep Chachra


Employment is the source of growth of the nation. The drastic recession of the country during the Covid 19 phase has taken employment to nadir. Employment is the need of the hour as the unemployed workforce is downfall productivity of the nation. The rising population should ensure rising demand and thus, an increase in supply and employment. But this phase of falling employment with rising population and stagnant demand is a spiral that would continue if not handled with an effective and efficient policy.

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In order to tackle the complexities of unemployment while charting out ideas for creating an employment hub nation, the Center for Work and Welfare(CWW) at IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, organized an online discussion on The Need for a National Employment Policy the state of employment and Livelihood– #Employment Debate series on 12 August 2021.

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Dr. Sandeep Chachra added his views and emphasized the need for a balance in two contexts in the National Employment Policy – The enshrining of the right to work and a right to minimum landholding. He also brought a third aspect related to it- the question of the policy of commons (such as forests, pasture lands, water bodies, grazing land, etc.) on which depends the livelihoods of millions of Indians. The minimum land holdings for agricultural peasants would ensure a rise in income and no unorganized debts.

Dr. Sandeep also argued that there is a need to create an urban employment guarantee program along the lines of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Program (MGNREG).

These factors and initiatives would lead to an effective and efficient national employment policy implementation.

Youtube link for The Need for a National Employment Policy



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