Sustainable Homes as a service for Sustainable Cities

Sameer Unhale

Adoption of sustainable living practices at house level is crucial for achieving sustainable cities . Consumption of energy – electricity and Cooking Gas, use of Water potable and non potable , recycle and multiple use of water, renewable energy based public transport for mobility needs, synergy of wet waste home composting under Swachh Bharat and home grown vegetables/urban agriculture being some of them. This can help attaining the critical mass for Sustainable City Living by triggering as a mass movement.

It could help mobilize Women led Green entrepreneurship for sustainable home as a service based on monthly subscription, say like cable TV. Urban India may have 100 million House holds. We can make a framework to reach every one of the household ; bunglows or apartments or low cost housing or even slum/juggi zopadi of every city and town. With training under skill India / DAY-NULM, urban youth and Women Self help groups could ensure availability of employment and micro entrepreneurs to help and nurture inclusive and sustainable urban living!! #sdg #sdg11 #unhabitat #NIUA #MoHUA

About the Author

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Sameer Unhale, Joint Commissioner, Directorate of Municipal Administration, Government of Maharashtra

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