Municipal Smart Initiatives Knowledge Centre (MSIKC)

Municipal Smart Initiatives Knowledge Centre (MSIKC) is a web portal hosted by the NDMC Smart City Limited (NDMC SCL). The need for a portal for smart cities was highlighted by the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor (LG) of NCT of Delhi, Shri Anil Baijal on January 9, 2019, during the inauguration of Smart Electricity Meter Project of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). He emphasized that a portal should be created to serve as a one-stop information portal that would not only highlight the best practices of various smart city projects in NDMC as well as other Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of the country and abroad but also document their success and challenges in implementing various smart city projects.

Towards the fulfilment of the above, Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) was tasked with the creation of the portal.Through visits to the NDMC Smart City area and stakeholder consultation including the officials in the Council. 
The portal candidly underscores the project experiences and highlights the steps taken by NDMC to overcome the challenges. The areas that require urgent attention are pointed out. Towards this, the portal is created to be interactive by enabling the ULBs to exchange their ideas on a common platform.

The overarching objective is the mutual learning for relevant stakeholders in the delivery of smart services and utilities for the overall well-being of the population and stride towards 21st century New India.

Municipal Smart Initiatives Knowledge Centre (MSIKC)

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