REPORT: Eye Care and Sustainable Development

Simi Mehta, Anshula Mehta, Arjun Kumar, and Kuldeep Singh

Eye Care and Sustainable Development - Report Cover


Vision is not only critical to an individual’s growth and development but also has direct implications for national and global development. It holds the potential to boost the global economy in a fair and equitable manner. It enables everyone to live their lives to the fullest, releasing their potential to learn, to work, and to lead fulfilled and productive lives. This paper examines the direct and indirect implications of eye health care on the attainment of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, thereby making it contingent upon policymakers to invest in the ‘vision for all’. The study proposes urgent policy interventions for creating integrated people-centered eye care, embedded in health systems and based on strong primary health care, and scaled and decentralized to the grassroots level in India. It emphasizes on eye care in local governance -especially below the district level for effective implementation.

About Authors

Dr Simi Mehta

Dr Simi Mehta, CEO- IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

Dr Arjun Kumar pic IMPRI

Dr Arjun KumarDirector- IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

Anshula Mehta IMPRI

Anshula MehtaSenior Assistant Director & Deputy Editor- IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

Kuldeep Singh edited

Kuldeep SinghRegional Director (India & Bangladesh) at Seva Foundation, USA

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