Adv Dr Shalu Nigam IMPRI PEople page 2023

Adv Dr Shalu Nigam

Visiting Senior Fellow

Shalu Nigam is a feminist advocate, researcher, and activist working at the intersection of gender, law, governance, and human rights issues. She has completed her PhD in Social Work and obtained a law degree. She is currently practicing at the courts of Delhi and is associated with the human rights and women’s rights movements in India. She is also networking with the thinktanks, research organizations and the grassroot organizations such as People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Delhi, the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, the Centre for Women’s Development Studies, New Delhi, and IMPRI, Delhi.

She was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi. Her recent publications include The Founding Mothers: 15 Women Architects of the Indian Constitution (co-author, 2016), Women and Domestic Violence Law in India: A Quest for Justice (2019), Domestic Violence Law in India: Myth and Misogyny (2021), and Dowry is a serious Economic Violence: Rethinking Dowry Law in India (2023). She has been a regular contributor to and has published essays in journals such as the South Asia Journal, Social Action, International Journal of Gender and Women’s Studies, and Legal New and Views.

Research Areas 

Gender, Pluralism and Social Inclusion, Governance and Law