How to Make Online Money in 2021

Rohit Mehta

The Internet is expanding with a high speed and so is our technology and now making online money is not as hard as it used to be back in time. The right strategy and smart work can bring the amount of wealth one can only imagine in his dreams.

We often ignore the power of technology these days which is a big mistake. A normal person has no idea of the power of the internet these days. One of the biggest example of such resource is Internet. A lot of people these days rely on the internet for knowledge these days as the other ways of acquiring knowledge and skills are expensive and time consuming.

The internet is the best place to grow your skill and for the holistic development of a person.

Specially, now when internet is expanding everyday and new opportunities are being given to people online. It has become a regular source of Income for most of the people.

The Internet is like a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities where one can learn and earn at the same time. A lot of people nowadays, are focused on knowledge and experience rather than running after degree. They do not feel bounded by anything and follow their passion of being on the internet. They work hard for every single penny  they earn. To earn wealth you do not need to work hard but, you need to work smart.

So, sit tight because this article is going to be a small guide on  BEST WAYS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE.

Following are the list and ideas of BEST WAYS TO EARN ONLINE MONEY without any investment-



3-Youtube(Or any social media website)

4-Amazon(E-commerce website)

5-Affiliate Marketing

6-Starting a website

7-Writing and publishing e-book

8-Selling articles and notes online.

9-Selling second hand books online.

Describing all the above mentioned ideas of BEST WAYS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE in brief.


You can work as a  freelancer and work for multiple companies and organization at the same time at the comfort of your own place and home. Many Companies hire employees who can work from home without having to be present in the office. Freelancing is much feasible way of working. Freelancing can be done in the field of your personal interest and mastered skills. You can work for different clients according to your abilities to handle the amount of work assigned to you.


It is an American multinational  e-commerce  corporation based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through the website. You can put up your stuff and items that you want sell on ebay and the consumer who wants to buy the product will contact you regarding the information of the product and pricing. The customer who offers the highest bid will take the product home with them.


Not just YouTube you can earn from any social media site if you have large audience of yours and have large connections. One average YouTube monetization for 1000 views ranges from 0.5 to 6 USD (US dollars) based on the location of viewers and the target audience. Not just YouTube if you have a good reach in other social media sites then you can earn a lucrative amount of money from there too. For example- A lot of people who were on Tik tok before it got banned were earning their livelihood through brand endorsement as they had good number of followers. But, after it got banned a new alternative came in the market through they were still earning.


Amazon is the best  website to earn money. It is the uncrowned king of eCommerce marketplaces. Amazon provide several ways to earn money. If you like to sell stuff with zero investment then Amazon dropshopping  is the best option for you. Amazon hires employees on regular basis for the work that can be done by sitting at home.


Starting an affiliate marketing is not a hard nut to crack. Affiliate marketing is a passive income source.  You just need to keep in mind to make your affiliate marketing profitable to offer Targeted audience , taking the niches that are high in demand and famous among your targeted audience, Going with a right full and best product, getting the permission to sell the product, attracting customers and traffic to your product , a good mentor and  considering paid advertisement.


Writing is one of the asset that can help you earn money whenever and wherever you want at any age. An experienced person is always in demand. You can sell your notes and articles also and earn money. Writing is one of those things that can help you get closure to your thoughts and earn money through that at the same time. It is rather an enjoyable process and can be very soothing. A lot of people have made a proper career out of content writing excluding novelist, poets and official writers.


Selling second hand money online is the easiest way to earn and get rid of the piled up stack of books. If you are an avid reader but do not want your house to be flowed by books and have issues regarding space then you can always read and sell online. This way you will never be out of money to buy new ones and have your bucket list of books full- filled.


The Internet is an amazing place to showcase your talents and skills apart from the real life. One of the best things about earning money online is you do not need any degree.

you can always earn money in the field of your interest. A lot of people prefer to EARN MONEY ONLINE as it provide more opportunities and guarantees growth of an individual. An individual can always keep internet as a backup to learn and grow simultaneously.

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