Public Policy and IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare: Shaping a Sustainable Future

Arjun Kumar


The Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) Centre for Work and Welfare has emerged as a powerhouse of research, analysis, and advocacy for policies that promote employment generation, sustainable livelihoods, and social security measures. IMPRI brings together thought leaders, policymakers, academics, and practitioners to deliberate on pressing issues through its research papers, policy dialogues, and interactive forums. By conducting rigorous research and offering evidence-based insights, IMPRI significantly shapes impactful policies that address real-world challenges.

Public Policy plays a crucial role in shaping societies, addressing challenges, and fostering development. In the realm of work and welfare, effective policies are vital to ensure equitable opportunities, social safety nets, and sustainable economic growth. The IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare is pivotal in driving evidence-based public policy discourse, research, and implementation in this domain.

Relevance of Public Policy in Work and Welfare

Public Policy in Work and Welfare is not just about creating jobs; it encompasses fostering conducive work environments, ensuring fair wages, upholding labour rights, and providing a robust social safety net. In a rapidly changing world, with technological advancements and evolving labour dynamics, policy interventions are necessary to bridge gaps, prevent exploitation, and empower workers.

Contribution of IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare

The Centre has emerged as a leading think-tank dedicated to researching, analyzing, and advocating for policies that enhance work opportunities and social welfare. IMPRI brings together policymakers, scholars, practitioners, and civil society to engage in meaningful dialogue through its research papers, policy briefs, and interactive discussions. By conducting empirical research and providing evidence-based insights, IMPRI contributes to informed decision-making, ensuring that policies are effective, efficient, and equitable.

Scope of Research and Analysis

The scope of research within the IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare is wide-ranging. It encompasses various dimensions of work, including formal and informal sectors, gender equality, skill development, labour migration, and social protection mechanisms. Through interdisciplinary research, the centre addresses complex challenges and identifies opportunities for policy innovation. By examining the intersections between work, welfare, and other societal factors, IMPRI ensures a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Career Prospects in the Field

Engaging in the field of Public Policy related to work and welfare offers diverse career prospects. Individuals can pursue roles within government bodies, international organizations, NGOs, research institutions, academia, and private sector entities. Career paths include policy analysis, program management, advocacy, research, and consultancy. As the IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare collaborates with various stakeholders, it provides a platform for aspiring professionals to network, learn, and contribute to meaningful policy transformations.


In an era marked by rapid changes, ensuring fair and sustainable work opportunities while safeguarding welfare is critical. Public Policy acts as the guiding force in achieving these goals. The IMPRI Centre for Work and Welfare stands as a testament to the power of research, collaboration, and advocacy in shaping effective policies. As it continues to bridge the gap between research and Policy, the centre paves the way for a brighter and more equitable future where work and welfare harmoniously coexist.