Advancing Gender Equality through Public Policy: The Role of IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre

Arjun Kumar


Gender equality remains a central issue in societies worldwide. Public policy is pivotal in addressing gender disparities, promoting women’s empowerment, and fostering an inclusive and equitable environment. The Impact and Policy Research Institute (IMPRI) Gender Impact Studies Centre is a vanguard in championing evidence-based public policy discussions, research, and advocacy in gender.

Relevance of Public Policy in Gender Equality

Public policy is a driving force behind achieving gender equality. It addresses systemic barriers, discriminatory practices, and social norms perpetuating gender-based inequalities. From ensuring equal opportunities in education and employment to combating gender-based violence and enhancing women’s participation in decision-making, robust policies create a foundation for a just and inclusive society.

Contribution of IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre

The IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre is at the forefront of research, analysis, and advocacy for gender-inclusive policies. IMPRI brings together stakeholders from academia, civil society, government, and the private sector to deliberate on gender-related challenges through research papers, policy dialogues, and collaborative initiatives. By conducting rigorous research and offering evidence-based insights, the Centre significantly contributes to shaping policies that address gender disparities effectively.

Scope of Research and Analysis

The scope of research within the IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre is comprehensive and diverse. It encompasses gender mainstreaming, women’s economic empowerment, gender-based violence, reproductive rights, and more. By delving into these areas, the Centre offers a holistic understanding of the complexities surrounding gender inequalities. Through interdisciplinary research, IMPRI highlights the intersectionality of gender with other social factors, thereby enriching policy discourse.

Career Prospects in the Field

The field of public policy focused on gender equality offers promising career prospects. Professionals can find opportunities within government agencies, international organizations, non-profits, research institutions, academia, and consulting firms. Career paths range from policy analysis and advocacy to program management, gender-sensitive research, and capacity building. The IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre serves as a hub for networking, skill development, and contributing to transformative policy changes.

IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre’s Role

The Centre is a catalyst for change in advancing gender equality. Its collaborations with diverse stakeholders ensure that research translates into actionable policy measures. By bridging the gap between research and policy implementation, IMPRI drives meaningful impact. The Centre’s contributions include shaping policies, advocating for gender-sensitive reforms, and fostering a more inclusive society.


Gender equality is not just a goal but a fundamental human right and prerequisite for sustainable development. Public policy serves as the bedrock for achieving this goal. The IMPRI Gender Impact Studies Centre exemplifies how research, analysis, and collaboration can drive policies that create a more equitable future. As it continues to explore the nuances of gender disparities, the centre reaffirms its commitment to building a world where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute to society.

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