Third-Party Inspection & Monitoring Report of Night Shelter in NCR of Delhi

IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute

This report contains a detailed analysis and summary of the task of Inspection (starting from 16th February 2019) executed by IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute as a Third Party Inspection Agency for Overseeing the Implementation of Contractual Obligations of works of Operation and Management of Night Shelter Clusters through Shelter Management Agencies (SMAs) in NCR of Delhi for Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB).

After the completion of the first month (four weeks), several steady and positive improvements have been observed over the weeks. Certain deficiencies have been discovered as well in many segments during the same period and reported to DUSIB.

The proforma for inspection have been revised as per the SMA-DUSIB agreement covering the dimensions of manpower requirements, display, records, water, sanitation, hygiene and cleanliness, equipment and fittings requirements (where available), retiring facilities and cleanliness requirements, safety and security, and others. Proper monitoring mechanism has been put up for reporting and ensuring desired operations and management of the night shelters.


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