PM Mitra, PLI and FTAs: Saviour for Ailing Indian Textile Industry?

As of 2023, the Indian textile and apparel industry makes significant contributions to various aspects of the economy. It contributes 4% to global trade in textiles and apparel, making it a crucial player in the international market. In terms of GDP, it accounts for approximately 2%, which amounts to around $70 billion. Additionally, the industry's output represents 7% of the total industry value.

Democracy in Question: From Madhya Pradesh to France

Riots spread from a suburb of Paris to over 300 towns across France, after the police shot dead a teenager of North African descent, Nahel Marzouk, in a traffic stop that proved one too many for the alienated, unemployed, ill-educated youth of immigrant stock, subjected to routine racial profiling by the police. The police have had to arrest thousands of people, including minors before a semblance of calm returned to the land of liberty, equality and fraternity.


With both government-run and commercial facilities offering medical services to the nation's population of more than 1.3 billion, India's healthcare system is intricate and multifaceted. The healthcare system still faces an array of problems- such as inadequate budget, a scarcity of healthcare staff and inadequate infrastructure, despite substantial advancements in recent years.

Crony Capitalists Due To Corrupt Political Funding

IT might seem a stretch to argue that corporate governance and bank asset quality depend on cleaning up India’s political funding. But it is not. It is simply the cold, hard truth. And since that reform is yet to happen, all talk of a robust financial sector and SEBI’s incremental success in reforming corporate governance is as hollow as the claim that India, long driven by caste hierarchy and grossly unequal distribution of social and cultural power, has democracy in its DNA.


India's space policy has witnessed significant developments in recent years, reflecting the nation's growing aspirations and accomplishments in space exploration. With a rich history of space missions and notable achievements, India has emerged as a prominent player in the global space arena. The year 2023 marks a crucial milestone as India unveils its latest space policy, outlining its strategic objectives, technological advancements, and plans for international collaborations.