Data Analytics for Policy Research – Cohort 3

Data Analytics for Policy Research – Cohort 3

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Data Analytics for Policy Research – Cohort 3 | An Online International Spring School Program | A One-Month Immersive Online Hands-On Certificate Training Course | April 2024 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning 

#IMPRI Generation Alpha Data Center (GenAlphaDC), IMPRI Impact and Policy Research Institute, New Delhi, invites you to #WebPolicyLearning

An Online International Spring School Program

A One-month Immersive Online Hands-On Certificate Training Course on

Data Analytics for Policy Research – Cohort 3

Details of the #WebPolicyLearning:
Dates: April 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2024
Four Consecutive Saturdays Afternoon
Time: 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. IST
Platform: Zoom

Course Fee: INR 10000 (inclusive of GST)
Discounted Fee: For Professionals: INR 8300 | For Students: INR 7400
Additionally, Bulk Discounts can be availed for groups of more than 5 participants
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Welcome to the third cohort of our highly sought-after online course on Data Analytics for Policy Research! After the resounding success of our inaugural and second cohorts, we are thrilled to extend this comprehensive program once again, offering a unique opportunity for policymakers, researchers, and data enthusiasts to enhance their analytical skills. Building on the feedback and experiences of our previous cohorts, this iteration is designed to further refine your data analytics expertise and empower you with the latest tools and techniques in the field.

Our course goes beyond theory, providing hands-on training in data analytics. Led by experienced instructors, participants will engage in practical sessions covering various data analysis methods, data visualization techniques, and statistical tools crucial for effective policy research. The curriculum is crafted to ensure that you not only understand the theoretical foundations but also gain proficiency in applying these skills to derive actionable insights from intricate datasets.

Whether you’re in government, academia, or the non-profit sector, this course remains instrumental in equipping you to leverage the power of data for informed, evidence-based policy decisions. Join a dynamic community of learners, actively participate in collaborative discussions, and expand your professional network within the realms of policy research and data analytics. As we continue to grow our cohort, we encourage you to seize this opportunity to learn, share ideas, and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of data-driven policy research.

Don’t miss out on this enriching experience! Enroll now and unlock the full potential of data analytics for transformative policy research. We eagerly anticipate your active participation in Cohort 3!

For whom

This timely course is for everyone who has a keen interest in data and coming-of-age policymaking. This course would benefit working professionals, researchers, teaching faculty, civil society members, activists, interested learners, and post-graduate and undergraduate students. This program is designed for professionals and practitioners who are actively engaged in the field of policy research and analysis, and who recognize the growing importance of data-driven insights in shaping effective policies. It is ideal for:

  1. Policy Analysts and Researchers: If you work in think tanks, research institutions, or government agencies and are responsible for analyzing complex policy issues, this program will provide you with the technical skills to extract meaningful insights from data, enabling you to make informed recommendations and decisions.
  2. Government Officials: If you are involved in policy formulation, implementation, or evaluation within government bodies, this program will equip you with the tools to leverage data analytics for evidence-based policymaking, ultimately leading to more impactful outcomes.
  3. Nonprofit and Advocacy Professionals: For those working in nonprofit organizations, NGOs, or advocacy groups, understanding how to utilize data to support your cause is crucial. This program will empower you to back your initiatives with compelling data-driven narratives and strategies.
  4. Urban Planners and Development Practitioners: If your work focuses on urban development, community planning, or sustainable growth, this program can help you analyze demographic, economic, and social data to create more inclusive and effective urban policies.
  5. Economists and Social Scientists: Professionals from economics, sociology, and related fields will find value in this program by expanding their skillset to encompass data analytics, enhancing the depth and accuracy of their research and policy recommendations.
  6. Academics and Students: Researchers and students in fields related to public policy, social sciences, economics, and data science can benefit from learning how to apply data analytics techniques in a policy research context, enriching their academic pursuits and future career prospects.

This program is suited for individuals at various stages of their careers, from entry-level researchers to seasoned policymakers. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your current skills or transition into a role that involves data-driven policy analysis, this program will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience needed to excel in the rapidly evolving landscape of policy research and analytics.

Benefits of taking the Course

  1. Enhanced Analytical Skills: Gain the ability to critically analyze complex datasets, extract meaningful insights, and draw evidence-based conclusions, enabling you to make informed policy recommendations and decisions.
  2. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Acquire the skills to transform raw data into actionable insights, empowering you to contribute to policy decisions that are grounded in empirical evidence, leading to more effective outcomes.
  3. Improved Policy Design: Learn how to identify patterns, trends, and correlations within data, allowing you to design policies that address key issues and challenges with precision and relevance.
  4. Informed Advocacy: Equip yourself with the tools to advocate for your cause with data-driven narratives, bolstering the impact of your advocacy efforts and attracting stakeholders’ attention and support.
  5. Career Advancement: Stand out in your field by adding data analytics expertise to your skillset, increasing your employability and opening doors to roles that require a strong foundation in policy research and data analysis.
  6. Cross-Disciplinary Proficiency: Develop skills that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, enabling you to collaborate effectively with professionals from various fields, fostering holistic and comprehensive policy solutions.
  7. Practical Application: Engage in hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, ensuring that the skills you acquire are immediately applicable to your policy research projects and daily tasks.
  8. Data Visualization Mastery: Learn to create compelling visualizations that effectively communicate complex findings to both technical and non-technical audiences, enhancing the accessibility and impact of your research.
  9. Evidence-Based Communication: Enhance your ability to communicate complex data findings in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, enabling you to engage stakeholders and decision-makers effectively.
  10. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, policy analysts, researchers, and experts in the field, expanding your professional network and gaining insights from diverse perspectives.
  11. Adaptability in a Digital World: In an increasingly data-centric world, the skills acquired in this course will help you adapt to evolving technological landscapes and stay relevant in your career.
  12. Contribution to Societal Progress: By mastering data analytics for policy research, you can contribute to the development of well-informed policies that address pressing societal challenges and drive positive change.

Enrolling in this course will not only empower you with the practical skills needed to excel in data-driven policy research but also position you as a key player in shaping the future of policy formulation and decision-making processes.

Participants would:
• Learn from globally and nationally renowned thematic experts and practitioners
• Gain first-hand insights and networking opportunities
• Get course outline and reading list from the experts for learning
• Get access to session videos for 15 days
• Receive a certificate of completion
• Have the opportunity to publish their essays on the IMPRI Insights Blog, which features the articles of eminent people from around the globe.

Upon successful completion of the program, each participant will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

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Program Experts

Prof Nilanjan Banik, Professor and Program Director (BA, Economics and Finance), Mahindra University, HyderabadVisiting Consultant, IMPRI

Dr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor, Economics, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan; Visiting Senior Fellow, IMPRI

Prof Vibhuti PatelVisiting Distinguished Professor, IMPRIVice-President, Indian Association of Women Studies; Former Professor of Economics, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

Dr Amar JesaniIndependent Researcher and Teacher (Bioethics and Public Health); Editor, Indian Journal of Medical Ethics

Dr Arjun KumarDirector, IMPRI


Dr Simi MehtaCEO & Editorial Director, IMPRI
Dr Arjun Kumar, Director, IMPRI
Prof Nalin BhartiVisiting Professor, IMPRI
Prof Gummadi SrideviVisiting Professor, IMPRI
Dr Devender SinghVisiting Senior Fellow, IMPRI

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Program Time Structure

Program Time Structure
Data Analytics for Policy Research – Cohort 3
An Online International Spring School Program
A One-month Immersive Online Hands-On Certificate Training Course on
April 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2024 | IMPRI #WebPolicyLearning
Week 1| April 6, 2024 (Saturday)
3:00-4:00 pmData Deluge & Public Policy: Promises & PerilsDr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay
4:00-4:45 pmHands-on Data Learning Sessions: Probability distributions: Density and Cumulative (EXCEL-based Session)Prof Nilanjan Banik
4:45-5:30 pmResearch Ethics in Data Collection and AnalysisDr Amar Jesani
Week 2| April 13, 2024 (Saturday)
3:00-4:00 pmHands-on Data Learning Sessions: Introduction of ANOVA (EXCEL-based Session)Prof Nilanjan Banik
4:00-4:45 pmHow to Carry out an Empirical Project: A Step-by-Step ApproachDr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay
4:45-5:30 pmThe Statistical System in India and an Introduction to Various Official and Other DatabasesDr Arjun Kumar
Week 3| April 20, 2024 (Saturday)
3:00-4:00 pmHands-on Data Learning Sessions: Interpretation of Model (this Session will be using EVIEWS)Prof Nilanjan Banik
4:00-4:45 pmRegression with Time Series Analysis & Forecasting: A Primer (this Session will be using EVIEWS)Dr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay
4:45-5:30 pmGender Mainstreaming of Data, Monitoring and EvaluationProf Vibhuti Patel
Week 4| April 27, 2024 (Saturday)
3:00-4:00 pmHands-on Data Learning Sessions: Dummy Variable (this Session will be using EVIEWS)Prof Nilanjan Banik
4:00-4:45 pmHands-on Data Learning Sessions: Regression Analysis with Qualitative variables – Categorical Dependent Variable Regression (including Logit and Probit Model) (this Session will be using EVIEWS)Dr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay
4:45-5:30 pmInteractive Session, Feedback and Careers in Data Analytics & Policy ResearchProf Nilanjan Banik, Dr Soumyadip Chattopadhyay & Dr Arjun Kumar

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