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Climate Change and its Socio-Economic Impact

In South Asia, India has a huge role to play in the field of climate change, given the enormity of its industrialisation levels. In the 1970s and 80s, we had little clue about how climate change would impact India but one thing was amply clear that unequal development patterns between developed and developing countries and greed were the biggest polluters — eloquently voiced by then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

The Toxicity of ‘Pegasus’ Expose

A fear psychosis more lethal than any intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) hits hard when the anxiety turned into resentment ran high that perhaps everyone was entrapped, starting from ministers to the opposition parties. The point at issue is secret surveillance that was leaked out in the public domain recently creating great stir in the Indian polity. It is found that there are several persons under such surveillance—two ministers of Modi government, three important leaders of the opposition camp, a person holding a constitutional position, more than forty journalists, a group of businessmen and industrialists, current and former heads of security agencies. There are also social workers, government bureaucrats, lawyers etc. 
Pegasus Snooping

Pegasus Snooping: Latest Instance of Deficient Indian Democracy

The governments denial of 'unauthorised surveillance', even though it has scrupulously avoided asserting that no Indian security agency has purchased Pegasus, and its refi1s a/to discuss the spying scandal in Parliament indicate that it may be twisting the definition of democracy as we know it.

How to Make Online Money in 2021

Rohit Mehta The Internet is expanding with a high speed and so is our technology and now making online money is not as hard as it used to be back in time. The right strategy and smart work can bring the amount…