Anagha Tendulkar

Dr Anagha Tendulkar

Visiting Senior Fellow

She is the Principal of Sophia College for Women, Mumbai. Head of the department of Sociology and is actively involved in social research. Her doctoral work is in the area of Community Care for Elderly. Her main research interests include Sociology of ageing, Sociology of the life course, historical sociological thought, and social research methodology. Passionately connected with the field of Social Gerontology’ she has undertaken research projects like senior citizens associations in Mumbai, old age homes in Mumbai. She is an honorary member of Federation of senior citizens’ organizations (FESCOM) Maharashtra and is connected with many NGOs working for the cause of the elderly. She is on Board of Studies and is a member of Academic Council of a couple of colleges. As a member of International Sociological Association and life member of Indian Sociological Society and Maharashtra Samaj Shastra Parishad she is invested in exploring research areas in Sociology and experimenting with research methodologies and techniques.

Research Areas 

Gender, Pluralism and Social Inclusion, Public Policies, Programs and Schemes, Society, Literature, Arts, Sports and Culture