Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy

Aditya Gowdara Shivamurthy

Junior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Strategic Studies Programme.

India’s Supportive Role in Addressing Bhutan’s Needs: A Story of Understanding and Urgency

India's Supportive Role in Addressing Bhutan's Needs: A Story of Understanding and Urgency
The two nations have had a history of cooperation, support, and mutual growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to Bhutan last week marks his third visit to the country. The visit closely follows Bhutan’s newly-elected PM Tshering Tobgay’s official visit to India between March 14 and 18. These back-to-back visits demonstrate the special relationship between both countries and the tradition of regular high-level exchanges between them. India-Bhutan relations are the epitome of a win-win relationship between two neighbours who vastly differ in size. PM Modi’s recent visit intends to build on this special relationship, especially as Bhutan confronts its internal and external challenges.

India’s Youth Endorse Modi’s Foreign Policy

India's Youth Endorse Modi's Foreign Policy
A survey finds overwhelming support for Modi’s foreign policy among Indian youth. Through the last five years, India has managed to maintain its sway and place in the new world order despite challenges, such as the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and increasing Chinese aggression and border intrusions.

India’s Role in the Colombo Security Conclave Amid Shifting Dynamics

India's Role in the Colombo Security Conclave Amid Shifting Dynamics
In early December, India’s National Security Adviser (NSA), Ajit Doval, took part in the sixth NSA meeting of the Colombo Security Conclave (CSC). The meeting reviewed the developments and progress made by the CSC in the last year and agreed upon a road map for the year 2024 to promote a safe, secure, and stable Indian Ocean.

Strengthening Bonds: The Surging India-Nepal Relations

Strengthening Bonds: The Surging India-Nepal Relations
By visiting China in 2008, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also called Prachanda, became the first Prime Minister to break the tradition of Nepalese premiers choosing India as their maiden destination of visit. Fast forward to June 2023, Mr Prachanda not only chose India to be his first destination but also expressed contentment with his four-day visit, dubbing it an “astounding success”. The recent visit indicates that India and Nepal are moving beyond their fraught phase and taking this “hit” relationship to “Himalayan Heights.” During these four days, both countries prioritised convergences over divergences – they signed five projects and six MoUs. Areas such as hydropower electricity, connectivity, and people-to-people relations remained the centre of this fruitful engagement.