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Prof G Venkat Raman

Visiting Professor

Dr. G Venkat Raman is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He is currently a Fulbright Fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University (Virginia, USA). In the Schar School, Venkat has designed and delivered a course titled ‘China Challenge’ for the post-graduates and doctoral students. He is also researching the current state of US-China power rivalries, explicitly focusing on the technology war and climate change. Venkat is primarily a Sinologist. Besides teaching core courses like Introduction to International Relations (for UG participants) and Ethics and CSR (for PG participants), he offers elective courses like Power Rivalries and Global Governance in the Twenty-first Century, Understanding the China Challenge, and Political Risk Management.
He has completed his doctoral studies at the School of Government in China’s premier university, Peking University, Beijing under the auspices of the India-China Cultural Exchange Fellowship. Venkat is a fluent Mandarin speaker. He has been a visiting Fellow at the BRICS Center, Fudan University, Shanghai, and a visiting Faculty member at ICN Nancy, France. His areas of research interest are China’s interface with Global Governance and Business Ethics pedagogy. He has been awarded prestigious Fellowships that include Nehru Memorial Fellowship and UGC’s Junior Research Fellowship.
Venkat’s most recent work is a co-edited volume on BRICS titled ‘Locating BRICS in the Global Order: Perspectives from Global South,’ published by Routledge, London. He has also co-authored case studies on Indian businesses in China. These are part of prestigious case centers like Ivey Publishing, ISB Hyderabad, and China Europe International Business School, Shanghai.

Research Areas 

International Relations and Strategic Studies



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