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Forest Fires an Ignored National Disaster

Amita Singh In 2019-20 alone, India lost nearly 38,500 hectares or 14% of its tropical forests. With about one-fifth of it going up in flames each year, Indian forests are no more carbon sinks but carbon emission areas. Why then…

Increasing Vaccine Production: India an Answer to Global Woes

The government would appear to be paralysed at the edge of the fiscal cliff, stricken by a fear of heights. Do not count on it to fund vaccine production. At this time there is a need for concerted effort, there is a need to increase vaccine production immediately and there needs to be an acceptance that the financial burden the Indian Government might not be able to fund entirely.

Re-Exodus: Reverse Migration amidst Second Wave

Arjun Kumar, Ritika Gupta, Anshula Mehta, Sunidhi Agarwal, Sakshi Sharda, Chhavi Kapoor On April 20, 2021 PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation about the rise of COVID-19 cases in the country for the second time. In his national address, he…


Earth Day: Humans and Not Capitalism for our Survival

Tikender Singh Panwar International Mother Earth Day, April 22, 2021, marks the 51st internationalday to protect ‘planet earth’ from the grotesque challenges it faces; challenges for the survival of the planet, and also of the living species, including human beings.…

Strategic and Effective Lockdown

Strategic and Effective Lockdown

Only Impactful Solution to the Second Wave Arun Kumar The Prime Minister, in his short recent address to the nation, used the imagery of a ‘toofan’ and admitted that India has been hit by a frightening surge of COVID-19 cases.…