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Clean Air

Governments must ensure right of clean air to every citizen

'Back in the severe zone, Delhi air worst in country; ‘No need for 28-member without teeth, says Supreme Court’; ‘Local sources largely to blame for pollution’; and ‘Schools shut again as air quality turns severe - Decision comes after SC rap’ were some of the headlines that dominated the national newspapers in the capital in the first week of December.

Time to change tack on counterinsurgency

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) must be scrapped, and counterinsurgency operations entrusted to the local police, who, in turn, must be retrained and re-equipped for the purpose. Democratic politics must give ordinary people a visible stake in peace and integration. This is not a novel idea but one whose crying need is once again underlined by the killing of 14 civilians and a soldier in Nagaland last week.
Putin visit

Putin’s visit: From Russia with resolve

Anil Trigunayat Over two decades ago President Putin along with the then Indian PM Vajpayee had instituted this vital mechanism that had steered the bilateral relationship into a special and privileged strategic partnership. At the invitation of PM Narendra Modi the Russian…