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Expanding ministry to expand the political base

TK Arun What signal is sent out by the expansion of the Council of Ministers and the sacking of 12 ministers? That the government has dumped “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance”? Or that it has no place for the feckless while…

The GST Conundrum Over COVID-19 Vaccines

Arun Kumar India’s vaccine policy has seen many twists and turns. Production of vaccines in India may be hobbled by the availability of inputs and vaccine shortage is likely to continue. At the current rate of vaccination, assuming no vaccine hesitancy, the…

The gaping holes in Modi Government’s New draft e­ commerce Rules

If the ecommerce site were to follow this rule, it would kill off any number of small enterprises whose business is to do price comparisons, product reviews and rankings. What is the meaning of the ban on related-party sales on ecommerce platforms? That Reliance Trends cannot sell its wares on JioMart or that Tata Cliq cannot sell Voltas or Starbucks products? Or that Amazon should entrust sales of its Echo line of products or Kindles to Flipkart ?

मांग कम, फिर महंगाई क्यों?

अरुण कुमार अर्थशास्त्र का यह सामान्य नियम है कि जब बाजार में मांग होती है, तब महंगाई बढ़ती है। पर मांग न होने के बावजूद यदि कीमतें आसमान छू रही हों, तो उसकी एक बड़ी वजह तंत्र की गड़बड़ी मानी…

Rapid & Widespread Civil Society Response during Second Wave in India

At the height of second wave of coronavirus infections in India, Prime Minister Modi asked his officials “how volunteers from civil society can be utilised to lessen the pressures on healthcare sector” during a review meeting held on April 30, 2021. He further suggested that NGOs can help in communications with affected patients and their families during this crisis.

Toolkit on How to Kill a University

Amita Singh It becomes a call of conscience to prevent entropy of our cherished workplaces as most of us may not be born King Nero who fiddled as Rome burned. This column comes at the face of an arbitrary order…