Harsh V Pant

Harsh V Pant

Professor of International Relations at King’s College London and Director of Research at Observer Research Foundation (ORF), New Delhi.

Ukraine’s Diplomatic Endeavors: Strengthening Ties with India and Exploring New Alliances

Ukraine's Diplomatic Endeavors: Strengthening Ties with India and Exploring New Alliances
The Russia-Ukraine war shows no signs of ending any time soon. The death and destruction is all-pervasive, but both sides continue to insist that they will fight on. For Ukraine, it's a matter of survival, and for Russia, it's a matter of national pride. Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure now extend well behind the frontlines even as its missile strikes and shelling have escalated in an attempt to turn the war decisively in Moscow's favour. Last week, Russia fired around 100 missiles and drones on Ukraine, leaving several regions experiencing partial blackouts, a set of tactics that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called “missile terror”. Ukraine, meanwhile, is scouring for support from across the world as it tries to shore up defence production at home and build an integrated electronic warfare control system.

India’s Supportive Role in Addressing Bhutan’s Needs: A Story of Understanding and Urgency

India's Supportive Role in Addressing Bhutan's Needs: A Story of Understanding and Urgency
The two nations have had a history of cooperation, support, and mutual growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state visit to Bhutan last week marks his third visit to the country. The visit closely follows Bhutan’s newly-elected PM Tshering Tobgay’s official visit to India between March 14 and 18. These back-to-back visits demonstrate the special relationship between both countries and the tradition of regular high-level exchanges between them. India-Bhutan relations are the epitome of a win-win relationship between two neighbours who vastly differ in size. PM Modi’s recent visit intends to build on this special relationship, especially as Bhutan confronts its internal and external challenges.