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Has Chai-Pakoda Employment Helped in Quenching India’s Poverty and Hunger?

In response to a question about India’s job crisis back in 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked his interviewer: “If someone opens a pakoda shop in front of your office, does that not count at employment? The person’s daily earning of Rs 200 will never come into any books or accounts. The truth is massive people are being employed.”

Neighbourhoods in Urban India

Binti Singh Neighbourhoods in Urban India edited by Sadan Jha, Dev Nath Pathak and Amiya Kumar Das published by BLOOMSBURY in 2021 strengthens the sociological perspective in urban studies. Revisiting and alluding to several classical and contemporary urban scholarly works…

Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific

Amidst an all-out confrontation between the United States of America and China, Taiwan is fast emerging as a critical fault-line. The delicate balancing act that the US had long maintained on the issue is increasingly becoming difficult to sustain. The Indo-Pacific is witnessing a power transition unlike any witnessed in the recent past and its implications are being felt far and wide. As China becomes bellicose and aggressive and as the US with its regional partners is undertaking a strong pushback, the pressure on the regional environment is rising with no institutional mechanisms available to mediate tensions and conflicts. The scale and the speed of transition are seemingly much faster than the ability of regional actors to manage the externalities generated by the process that are mostly negative.
google climate ethics

It’s Turn for Google’s Climate Ethics

Amita Singh The digital ads promoting the triviality of claims made by climate change protagonists would now be pulled out from any public viewing. Google is finally cracking down on ads falsifying the science of climate change to spread misinformation…