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On Afghanistan & China-Pakistan, Is Quad Becoming a Lost Cause

On Afghanistan & China-Pakistan, Is Quad Becoming a Lost Cause?

Anil Trigunayat The Quad grouping will graduate from the last virtual meet of four leaders to the physical summit on September 24, when US President Joe Biden will be hosting Japanese outgoing Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Indian Prime…

Bangladesh and Afghanistan: A tale of contrasting trajectories

Marking the eastern and western contours of South Asia, the countries of Bangladesh and Afghanistan are separated by more than just a geographical distance of 2,474km. Endowed with similar inheritances of an experience of war, extremist threat, and governance by fledgling democracies, the two Islamic countries could not be more distinct from each other than they are today.  
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Vodafone-Idea, Bad Bank and ‘narcotics jihad’

It was economic salvage week for the government. A package for the telecom sector was finally approved and announced, which makes it clear that the government favours three private players competing amongst themselves rather than a duopoly. The government also announced the formation of a bad bank to buy out Rs 2 lakh crore (Rs 2 trillion) worth of bad loans from the troubled Indian banks.

Trust Matters!

Rajesh Tandon “Trust is basic for connectedness; technology improves performance when trusting relations exist”… Dr. Nadine Hack, CEO, because Global Consulting, Switzerland. “Urban informals do not trust professionals, as such interactions are believed to have resulted in evictions in the…

Tribute Sonal Shukla

Sonal Shukla (1941-2021): A Tribute

Vibhuti Patel Sonal Shukla, a veteran feminist passed away on September 9, 2021. She was a close family friend, co-traveller in the women’s movement, a role model and a feminist icon for my daughter and thousands of young girls and…