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India Prioritises Future

India Prioritises Future

Dhiraj Nayyar It is important to come out and start narrating every facet of India’s emerging economic story. It is good to note that the Government is willing to explicitly prioritise the future. In the end, that is where the…

tau devi lal


The Life & Contribution of Tau Shri Devi Lal Devender Singh The first time I saw him was when I along with other kids was busy playing ‘catch’ in the village chaupal. A white Ambassador stopped near the chaupal, and…

Courtroom’s visionary indigence on professional women

Women’s issues never die out of news like patriarchy which remains an inexhaustible product of human creation. On one hand the UN’s gender equality and empowerment organization publishes a feminist roadmap to tackle triple crisis of jobs, care and climate on the other a leading national party of India embraces a #MeToo accused as a leader of a prominent state in India. Do our legislators irrespective of being man or a woman even believe in the laws they formulate? Apparently, the deficiencies embedded in women’s laws which has disturbed social equilibrium by putting men and women as two blood thirsty enemy states, armed with gross vengeance derails enforcement by shedding off respect, relationship or responsibility so integral to man-woman relationship. Nonetheless, worry for policy makers is that despite the plethora of laws women may suffer decreasing work participation and their own advancement since laws offer little when they are reduced as Gustav Hugo a German legal philosopher wrote, “into an algebra of legal concepts.”

What English has done to India and the World

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd  By October 5, 2021, English language life in India is 204 years. For the last few years, the celebration of Indian English Day on that day is catching up. Ever since the first English medium school started…


Why Modi’s visit to the US matters

Harsh V Pant Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi has embarked on his first foreign tour in six months to engage directly with the Joe Biden administration in the United States (US). Given the trajectory of India-US ties in recent decades,…


A signal to China from America and two of its oldest major allies

In less than six months, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue—the Quad—is back in action. After its virtual summit in March, this month end will see the leaders of four major Indo-Pacific nations converge in Washington to deliberate on matters of common concern and also signal to China that the platform that Beijing once described as “sea foam" is not only not dissipating, but also gearing up to play a more ambitious role. If the March summit was about laying out an expansive agenda for a still-nascent grouping, the September summit is likely to be about operationalizing the common vision of the four like-minded democracies as they chart their policy priorities in an ever-so-turbulent Indo-Pacific region.
Taliban and Its Limitations This Time Round

Taliban and Its Limitations This Time Round

Anil Trigunayat Afghanistan has often been referred to as the “Graveyard of Empires and Kings”. Of these Taliban and its predecessor and continuum in Mujahedeen gleefully claimed the victory over the mighty Americans on August 15 – the day India…