Sandeep Chachra

Sandeep Chachra

Executive Director of ActionAid Association, the Co-Chair of the World Urban Campaign coordinated by UN-Habitat and the Editor, Agrarian South - Journal of Political Economy.

A Postcolonial Perspective on King’s Coronation

A Postcolonial Perspective on King's Coronation
Monarchy, dictatorship, authoritarianism, and despotism, even of the benevolent kind and as a result of democratic elections, are an affront to people’s struggles over the millennia for sovereignty and freedom. However, I must confess to having mixed feelings at the Coronation of King Charles III. 

Towards an Inclusive Imagination of Citizenship

Towards an Inclusive Imagination of Citizenship
While we are all proud of India's democracy, few of us actually bother to fund any political party. We are content to let parties fund themselves by mobilizing funds as they traditionally have from the time of the freedom struggle, when industrialists like G D Birla used to fund the Congress. But most such funding was informal, with no structured, transparent disclosure of who funded which party to what extent. Citizenship has evolved from the city-states of ancient Greece and perhaps from the republics or ganas of ancient India to finally emerge as the cornerstone of representative democracy in the twentieth century. Today the idea of citizenship is undergoing several transformations. Mindful of its long history, we need to ensure that our re-imaginations help us escape the past and embrace new futures.

Colonial Land Rights ‘deprivation’ caused Joshimath Catastrophe

Colonial Land Rights 'deprivation' caused Joshimath Catastrophe
The residents of Joshimath in Uttarakhand are coming out in protest. Land subsidence in the region has put their lives, houses, and town at risk and impacted the surrounding land. As part of the relief efforts, at-risk families are being shifted to temporary relief centres, and work is underway on building transition centres, where they can stay till a long-term solution can be worked out.

India’s G20 Leadership can Enhance Climate Change Efforts

India's G20 Leadership can Enhance Climate Change Efforts
India’s proposal at the G20 presidency to phase out all fossil fuels, including gas and oil, sustainably and equitably construes the much-needed step away from planet-scale extinction of habitats and destruction of livelihoods.