Mr Ashish Kothari

Ms Suhasini Ayer

Visiting Senior Fellow (Honorary)

Architect / Urban Planner; principal architect of Auroville Design Consultants – a studio dedicated to applied research in the field of solar passive architecture, sustainable urban development and building technologies, water and waste management and renewable energy. (
Auroville Design Consultants is a department in the “Auroville Centre for Scientific Research (CSR)”; an organization under Auroville Foundation.
The studio is specialized in planning and architecture that responds to the context with optimum designs that respond to the natural and human geography, local climate and culture to evolve minimal and elegant built forms. The underlying theme in all the projects is the integration of functions with the building systems, including water, energy, waste, building materials and technology to create passive sustainable network between the users to the built and un-built spaces, to empower them to take responsibility for their environment.
 Designed and implemented over 35 projects ranging from residential, educational, institutional and hospitality.
 5 major applied research projects with grant-in-aid from the Indian government in sustainable planning and architectural design, including implementation settlement planning, institutional, educational, and commercial buildings. With design stage to post–occupancy intervention to effect user behavior change

Research Areas 

Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Urbanization, Habitat, Transportation and Regional Development