Chaitanya Vivek Deshpande

Chaitanya Vivek Deshpande

The Gender Dimensions of the Climate Change and Feminist Foreign Policy

The Gender Dimensions of the Climate Change and the Feminist Foreign Policy

Session ReportRehmat Arora Introduction Feminist Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region an Online International Workshop Program, a Two-Day Immersive Online Discussion Workshop was conducted on 19 and 20 September 2023 by IMPRI, Center for International Relations and Strategic Studies (CIRSS),…

Needed, a Paradigm shift in the Climate Discourse

Needed, A Paradigm Shift in Climate Discourse

Session Report Mansi Garg Introduction Understanding the Nuances of Climate Change in the Indian Subcontinent: Impact and Way Forward is an Online International Monsoon School Program, a Six-Week Immersive Online Introductory Certificate Training Course from August-September 2023 by IMPRI Impact and Policy Research…