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Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 Balancing Privacy and Progress

Digital Data Protection Bill, 2023 – Balancing Privacy and Progress

On August 3, 2023, the Central Government presented the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP), 2023, before the Lok Sabha. This legislative proposal delineates stipulations applicable to enterprises engaged in data management and processing, along with safeguarding individual entitlements. The principal objective of this bill is to disallow the transfer of data across international borders, impose penalties on corporations for breaches of data security, and furnish a structured groundwork for the establishment of a data protection authority, entrusted with the oversight of adherence to these regulations.
GST Council's Decision Could Kill India's Online Gaming Industry

GST Council’s Decision Could Kill India’s Online Gaming Industry

The decision of the GST Council to levy a GST of 28 percent on the entire turnover of online gaming is plain wrong. It is bad in principle, against settled jurisprudence, harms a burgeoning industry with enormous potential for jobs and innovation, and, most perversely, carries an inbuilt algorithm to depress overall tax collections. It should not stand.
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Deciphering Diplomacy: Prospects for the Indian Ocean’s Future

Recently, I happened to attend the 6th Indian Ocean conference ,2023 in Dhaka which was organized by the India Foundation in collaboration with Ministry of External Affairs of India and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh among others.